FDIC: Problem Banks Declined, Residential REO Declined in Q3

by Calculated Risk on 11/30/2021 12:41:00 PM The FDIC released the Quarterly Banking Profile for Q3 2021 this morning: Quarterly net income rose $18.4 billion (35.9 percent) to $69.5 billion from the same period one year ago. … Total assets increased $462.6 billion (2 percent) from second quarter 2021 to $23.3 trillion. Securities rose $225 […]

Did Powell Just Spark “Shut It Down & Protect Returns” Mode Into Year-End?

The Powell-Put imploded this morning as The Fed Chair curb-stomped the ‘t’-word (transitory) and warned that “it is appropriate in my view to consider wrapping up the taper of our asset purchases, which we actually announced at the November meeting, perhaps a few months sooner. I expect we will discuss that at our upcoming meeting.” That […]

Best Buy Ventures Into Healthcare, Paying $400 Million For Current Health

Late last month, famed consumer electronics company Best Buy announced a revolutionary move: investing in healthcare. The press release detailed Best Buy’s decision to acquire Current Health, “a leading care-at-home technology platform that brings together remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and patient engagement into a single solution for healthcare organizations.” Deborah Di Sanzo, President of Best […]

Mark Meadows Reverses Course, Now Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee

Topline Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is cooperating with the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said Monday, in a significant flip from Meadows’ earlier stance of not complying with a subpoena requesting documents and a deposition from the high-ranking Trump Administration official. Key Facts Thompson, […]

Lululemon Sues Peloton Over Patent Infringement

The athletic apparel retailer Lululemon filed a lawsuit against the fitness company Peloton on Monday, accusing it of patent infringement over the designs of a new line of leggings and sports bras. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, accuses Peloton of trade dress infringement, false designation of origin […]

Will Ralf Rangnick Turn Manchester United’s Fortunes Around?

After the announcement of Ralf Rangnick as interim Manchester United manager was made public, the excitement was almost palpable among fans of the Red Devils. While it has been a few bleak months for Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils’ hierarchy might well have just saved their season by making the change […]

PadSplit Expands Its Rooming House 2.0 Concept

More expansion news from affordable housing startup PadSplit: more rooms, more markets, more funding and an effort to increase the supply of homes. Founded in 2017, the Atlanta-based company aims to alleviate the affordable housing crisis with a new take on the rooming house. To that end, its platform helps both real estate investors to […]

What Will Industries Do With The Power Of Private Wireless Networks?

This is the final installment in a three-article series by business leaders at Nokia on the latest evolutions of Industry 4.0, what’s changed with uptake of smart, connected technologies, and how companies can use today’s advanced communications tools to fuel post-pandemic recovery and growth. Industry 4.0 took a massive leap forward over the last 18 […]

Shinomics; the Token that Allows Investors to Earn SHIB Automatically

Shinomics; the token that allows investors to earn SHIB automatically without effort Majuro, Marshall Islands, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Shinomics is giving investors a chance to hold the token and earn SHIB without any action, all they have to do is hold. Investors who are looking to earn passive income, now have […]

Omicron Unlikely To Cause Severe Illness In Vaccinated Patients, BioNTech Founder Says

Update (1130ET): In Germany, Chancellor-in-waiting Olaf Scholz said Tuesday that the Bundestag would vote on whether to back compulsory vaccinations. He blamed the unvaccinated, raising questions about whether the Germans truly see the omicron variant as a threat. If so, will these mandatory vaccinations apply to a new round of omicron-specific vaccines? Elsewhere in Berlin, […]

Rokkit Fuel Newly Launched Cryptocurrency Set to Shake the Social Media Industry

A recently launched project & crypto coin, Rokkit Fuel, is being hailed as the next big cryptocurrency and has major plans to revolutionise the social media industry with a cryptocurrency-subscription based social media app. And if that isn’t enough, the token also redistributes 5% of each transaction to all holders in Bitcoin. Many previous projects […]

2021 Was The Year Of Product Placement In WWE

In 2021, WWE sponsorships were almost as ubiquitous as Roman Reigns in the main event, or “can they coexist” storylines. WWE’s countless sponsorship and content deals helped lead the promotion to unprecedented financial success in 2021, however these instances of product placement have ceded mixed results creatively, especially when WWE relies on campy comedy to […]

Solana Tops Cardano, Ethereum To Become The Most Staked Cryptocurrency

Solana has slowly made its way into being the crypto sweetheart of 2021. The smart contracts platform had found popularity in the third quarter of the year as it rallied to new all-time highs following the massive adoption of the blockchain. It didn’t take long before the blockchain was being listed as an “Ethereum killer” […]

China Intensifies Crackdown On Didi With New Ride-Hailing Rules 

Chinese regulators announced a new set of guidelines to increase governance over the country’s ride-hailing industry. Stuck in the crosshairs were SoftBank-backed Didi and other Chinese tech companies, according to Bloomberg.   Beijing continues ratcheting up regulations on tech companies to reshape its digital economy. The latest is six regulatory agencies, including antitrust watchdog, transport ministry, and […]

Powell Says Fed Could Finish Bond-Buying Taper Early

Jerome H. Powell, the Federal Reserve chair, signaled that the central bank is growing more wary of high — and stubborn — inflation, and that it could speed up its plan to withdraw economic support as soon as its meeting in December as it tries to make sure that rapid price gains do not last. […]

Cyber Week Online Sales Down 1.4% Physical Store Visits Up

Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of the year according to Adobe’s ADBE Digital Economy Index, bringing in $10.7 billion. This is slightly below last year by 1.4% but meeting expectations. Month-to-date for November, consumers have already spent $109.8B online, a significant increase of 11.9% over last year. On Cyber Monday, smartphones were […]

Alabama Amazon Warehouse Workers To Revote On Forming Union, Labor Board Official Orders

Authored by Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times, A labor board official has ordered a revote for Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama regarding forming the company’s first unionized warehouse in the United States. The decision was issued Monday by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) after an agency review found that Amazon improperly pressured warehouse staff […]

VLaunch Announces Big-Name Crypto Backers Ahead Of Its Launch

The VLaunch project is picking up some major traction ahead of its big launch this month, with a raft of big names from the blockchain community throwing their weight behind the effort. The project’s list of backers reads like an A to Z of some of the top influencers in the blockchain space. Names such […]

Solana price eyes $300 as Grayscale launches SOL-backed trust

Solana (SOL) held onto its intraday gains on Nov. 30 as Grayscale Investments, the largest cryptocurrency fund in the world, announced that it would add SOL to its product line. The digital asset class is growing, and we’re expanding our offerings along with it! Gain exposure to $SOL, the native token of the @Solana network, […]

The Cheapest DEXes To Trade On Layer 1 Ethereum

The past couple of years has seen decentralized finance (DeFi) maintain a meteoric rise. Such an impressive growth can only mean one thing—a rise in decentralized exchanges as well. With centralized exchanges proving a little complicated and problematic at times, the crypto space will agree that decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency trading on […]

Safle Review – Bringing Your Identity Back Into Your Hands

The concept of digital identities has gained popularity following the debut of modern-day technologies such as blockchain. Safle, a next-generation non-custodial wallet, is one of the projects currently leveraging blockchain to bring identities back to the hands of users. Unlike the centralized and federated identity models, the Safle ecosystem introduces decentralized identities, giving crypto users […]

Coinbase will establish presence in Israel through purchase of Unbound Security

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will acquire cryptographic security company Unbound Security in a move that will also have the U.S. company launch a research facility in Israel. In a Tuesday blog post, Coinbase said it would be purchasing Unbound to gain access to its cryptographic security experts as well as establish a presence in Israel. The […]

Dow Plunges 600 Points As Federal Reserve Warns About Omicron Impact

Topline Stocks moved lower on Tuesday in yet another volatile session of trading amid fresh concerns about the new omicron Covid variant, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warning that it could pose a risk to the economic recovery—not to mention complicate the inflation outlook.  Key Facts The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.7%, around […]

“Team Transitory” Is Dead After Powell Says “Time To Retire Word Transitory Regarding Inflation”

Remember when clueless macrotourists  and worthless econo-hacks who have zero understanding of actual economic dynamics spent miles of digital ink convincing their tiny echochambers that they were right and that inflation was transitory (or rather, desperately scrambled to mask their utter lack of grasp of even the simplest concepts): Team transitory won btw. pic.twitter.com/7CEwdC11h7 — […]

More on Case-Shiller and FHFA House Price Increases

by Calculated Risk on 11/30/2021 11:08:00 AM Today, in the Newsletter: Case-Shiller National Index up 19.5% Year-over-year in September Excerpt: Both the Case-Shiller House Price Index (HPI) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) HPI for September were released today. Here is a graph of the month-over-month (MoM) change in the Case-Shiller National Index Seasonally […]

Your Authentic Self Has No Competition In Business

By Susan Guillory When I started my content marketing firm as a solopreneur in 2006, I made a deliberate effort to make it look bigger than it was. I used “we” instead of “I” on my website. I donned a corporate look that said, “We’re serious about business and you should hire us.” I kept […]

Stocks, Bonds, & Cryptos Crushed As Powell Threatens Accelerated Taper

Fed Chair Powell has been more hawkish than many expected during this morning’s hearings, specifically noting the non-transitory nature of inflation and the need to use his tools to address it. “At this point the economy is very strong and inflationary pressures are high and it is therefore appropriate in my view to consider wrapping […]

Rabobank: Brushing Up Our Greek Alphabets

By Michael Every of Rabobank Brushing up our Greek alphabets After a ‘sell first, ask questions later’ Friday, markets regained some confidence on Monday. News that Omicron may lead to relatively mild symptoms may have helped the mood, though much about the new strain still remains unclear, including how infectious it is compared to other […]

Vladimir Putin says cryptocurrencies 'bear high risks'

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, voiced his criticism at the “Russian Calling” investment forum in Moscow. According to local news outlet lenta.ru, the president made the following remarks, as translated by Cointelegraph: “It is not backed by anything, [and] the volatility is colossal, so the risks are very high. We also […]

Holographic Breakthrough In The Wayray Holograktor Could Disrupt Car Interior Design

The Holograktor ride-sharing concept car from Swiss deep-tech firm WayRay could disrupt entire automotive interior design departments with its world-first Real AR holographic head-up display. The WayRay Holograktor EV runs three separate “Real Augmented Reality” holographic displays, with one for each of its three occupants, blended in seamlessly from ranges of zero to infinity, rather […]

Research links: future states of the world

Tuesdays are all about academic (and practitioner) literature at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at how to combine momentum strategies. Quote of the Day “When you sell an option, you don’t earn income. You just bet against some future state of the world.” (Kris Abdelmessih) Chart of the […]

Five Common Pitfalls That Can Derail DE&I Initiatives

Edward Beltran, Forbes Council Member, CEO of Fierce Conversations, Entrepreneur, Avid Cyclist. Developing a culture of harmony and belonging among employees begins with honest conversations about three increasingly relevant topics: diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity, equity and inclusion (known as DE&I) are emotive topics, which makes it even more challenging to initiate conversations about such significant […]

NFT sales aim for a $17.7B record in 2021: Report by Cointelegraph Research

In 2010, if someone had told you that Internet memes, digital artwork and Twitter avatars would sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, would you have believed them?  Well, these are nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, in a nutshell. NFTs are driving blockchains toward uncharted territory on the backs of cute kitties and pixelated punks. What […]

Climate Action Through Sustainable Cities: How CSR Can Contribute

Executive Chairman & Group CEO of Dake Group, an Advocate of Innovation & Sustainability – Focused on Food Security and Water Conservation. Historically, cities have been the engine for the evolution of civilization. They enable a much greater population density than rural communities, unlocking economies of scale greater than the sum of their parts. They allow […]

Eurozone inflation hits a record high of 4.9 percent.

Inflation soared to a record high in Europe in November as a continued upward climb in energy costs pushed prices skyward, data showed on Tuesday. Annual inflation in the eurozone surged to 4.9 percent, the European statistics agency Eurostat reported, the highest since records began in 1997. Excluding volatile energy and food prices, inflation jumped […]

3D metaverse marketplace MetaMundo aims for 2022 launch with new funding

MetaMundo, a virtual nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace focused on metaverses, has announced the completion of a seed funding round of $2.7 million. Led by Animoca Brands, MetaMundo’s debut funding further included Hypersphere Ventures, Digital Currency Group, OP Crypto, Metaartel Ventures and angel investments from the co-founders of Aave and Rarible, among others. Built upon layer-two […]

How To Get The Best Results When Working With A PR Agency

Katerina Antonova, founder and CEO of Aeris PR It’s not a rare story when a business owner hires a public relations agency or a consultant and, after a while of working together, becomes disappointed in PR as a whole. As the founder and CEO of a PR firm, I’ve found this often happens because of inadequate […]

‘Our Money Has No Value’: Frustration Rises in Turkey at Lira Crisis

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s insistence on directing monetary policy and sticking with low interest rates is draining confidence, economists say. ISTANBUL — Lines outside bread stores and gas stations; farmers defaulting on loans; impromptu street demonstrations. The signs of economic distress in Turkey are all too clear as the lira continues a dizzying slide. Sporadic […]