FeTu Limited

Company Name: FeTu Limited

Headquarters: Elland, West Yorkshire

Website: www.fetu.co.uk

Headcount: Four people

Profile: FeTu Limited is a Research and Development based business incorporated in May 2016 in West Yorkshire to host its founder Jonathan Fenton’s invention.

The FeTu ‘Roticulating’ concept seamlessly converts between volumetric and rotational energy in the purest of forms. This disruptive invention affords a light, efficient, oil-free engine of only two moving parts.

The technology, which is unique and scalable, is also robust, cheap to manufacture and low maintenance.

It is a 4-chamber compression device and yields drastic friction reduction whilst also inherently ‘downsizing’, ‘down-weighting’ and ‘down-speeding’. It is perfectly suited to electrical vehicle range extension, or as a primary drive, scalable to even the largest of applications.

The concept offers a replacement technology with significantly increased efficiency, reduced energy usage and thereby reduced fuel consumption and resultant Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide pollutants.

Offering an entirely new energy architecture, the compressor is a key part of FeTu Limited’s disruptive technology with applications in a closed loop system for waste heat recovery and air conditioning as well as an open loop system for energy generation waiting to be explored.

In the past 12 months, FeTu Limited has delivered a significant breakthrough and its team has grown to four members while gathering the support from some of the UK’s leading innovation agencies and academics.

The company continues to grow and is making significant steps towards commercialisation. FeTu Limited is targeting the niche oil-free and low-pressure compressor market, which is expected to grow given increasing environmental pressures.

FeTu’s range

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