Off Grid Energy Ltd

Company Name: Off Grid Energy Ltd

Headquarters: Rugby, Warwickshire


Headcount: 22 people

Profile: Off Grid Energy is a leading energy storage technology company delivering energy solutions to the domestic, construction, events and utilities sectors.

It was incorporated in 2001 and is based in Rugby, Warwickshire from where it delivers its products and solutions across the UK and throughout the world.

Off Grid Energy provides smart, efficient power solutions as an alternative to running a generator, particularly in places where grid mains is unavailable, unreliable or too expensive to connect.

The company is dedicated to delivering independent hybrid power solutions that offer high quality in terms of performance and energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Off Grid Energy has built its business on the experience it gained supplying power solutions for the marine and automotive industry to deliver affordable and high performance solutions.

Off Grid Energy’s batteries can be used as an alternative, or together with, a diesel generator, delivering a hybrid system, which reduces fuel costs, carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. They can also be connected to renewable sources to deliver reliable zero carbon energy.

The company also offers solutions to people looking to build their own home and seeking an alternative to hooking up to the National Grid or to people whose existing homes, not matter how remote they are, may have been reliant upon expensive generators power for years.

In the utilities sector, Off Grid Energy is delivering smart energy management and storage systems behind the meter, thereby mitigating wider grid or substation reinforcement costs.

The company

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