Cambond Ltd

Company Name: Cambond Ltd

Headquarters: Cambridge


Headcount: 10 people

Profile: Cambond Ltd was incorporated in 2014 and is based at the Cambridge Future Business Centre.

Cambond has developed a patented technology platform to transform low-carbon agricultural biomass waste into a green glue to reduce the application of toxic formaldehyde and oil based multiple-billion pound wood adhesives for wood panel industry.

The company can also bind abundant agricultural waste such as straw fibre, used coffee ground and disposable coffee cups to make value added light and strong biocomposites for pallets, packaging, furniture and compostable pots.

Cambond’s resin and biocomposites products are manufactured in China but the company is looking to develop manufacturing facilities in the UK.

The resulted products are eco-friendly, cost effective and easier to re­cycle. Cambond is a UK Rushlight winning company and has been supported by European Climate-Kic Accelerator Program.

Cambond is the 2017 Shell Springboard Regional Winner and the products CamCup and the Cupboard, the world’s first reuseable coffee cup made from spent coffee and the eco-board made from disposable single-use cups won the Coffee Excellence Award in London Coffee Shop Innovation Expo on 26 September 2018.

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