Company Name: CitySprint

Headquarters: London


Headcount: More than 900 people

Profile: CitySprint is the UK’s leading same day delivery network that supports more than 14,000 customers across the country, including NHS Trusts, major broadcaster, automotive companies, those in the financial sector and government agencies.

It also offers UK overnight, international and freight services, as well as bespoke logistics solutions and specialist services to support the healthcare sector.

CitySprint is also working to combat urban pollution and doing its share to find solutions to make its business and the industry as a whole more sustainable.

It says it aspires to be an industry leader in the ‘green logistics’ space and is focusing to reduce emissions from delivery by growing its zero-emission fleet of vehicles, developing proprietary cloud-based software to consolidate and auto-allocate work and building partnerships with policy makers, academia and others in the industry to co-create solutions.

With London one of its most important markets, the company is aiming to make its fleet fully compliant with Central London’s ultra-low emission zone by 2020.

It also operates the largest pushbike fleet in London, with over 150 bikes at full capacity. Electric cargo bikes are also replacing small vans in central London. These cargo bikes have the ability to carry similar loads and travel in cycle lanes, completing journeys uo to 50 percent faster than a small van.

CitySprint aims to grow its cargo bikes fleet to 100 by 2020.

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