The ecompany

Company Name: The ecompany

Headquarters: London


Headcount: Four people

Profile: The ecompany is a privately held company founded in March 2018 which aims to accelerate the growth of renewable energy across the globe with the help of technology.

The ecompany specialises in ‘clean tech’ and creates sophisticated and innovative platforms and tools that help make sense of the complex world of energy. These platforms aim to help companies and organisations achieve their renewable energy targets.

Its latest project, RE-search is a web-based portal which acts as a renewable energy marketplace, designed to facilitate active engagement between large-end energy users and renewable energy projects around the world.

The portal aims to create meaningful connections between supply and demand for clean energy, save time and costs for both the corporate energy users and developers and build the business case that drives the need for sourcing renewable energy projects.

RE-search will also provide integrated market intelligence which will enable large-end energy buyers to accelerate their decisions on renewable energy. In turn, the commitment of large corporates going green will provide additionality of renewable energy in the market and create a drive for more clean energy project to be built.

The ecompany will be exhibiting at the UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland, in December.

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