Whitefox Technologies Limited

Company Name: Whitefox Technologies Limited

Headquarters: London

Website: www.whitefox.com

Headcount: 28 people

Profile: Whitefox Technologies specialises in developing membrane-based engineering solutions for multiple industries including solvent recovery, biochemical and water applications.

Whitefox Technologies’ proprietary polymer membrane technology provides proven advantages in terms of process efficiency, energy reduction and higher yield which result in operational savings, help increase revenue generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company combines in-depth knowledge of membrane separation with efficient process integration for new or existing production facilities and is focused on biofuel ethanol, pharmaceutical, industrial and potable ethanol.

Whitefox Technologies has identified biofuels as a key target market, which is globally valued at more than $55bn and is forecast to double by 2030.

Whitefox Technologies has operations in the UK, Canada and the US, where the company’s solution has been installed in three plants with an additional five under construction.

When completed, the total of Whitefox Technologies’s product installed in the US will have a capacity close to 100 million gallons per year, delivering significant reduction in energy and water consumption and improving carbon footprint for biofuels producers.

During 2018, the company has grown from 19 to 28 employees and it is planning to grow its team to around 50 employees by the end of 2019.

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