Company Name: MasterFilter

Headquarters: King’s Lynn, Norfolk


Headcount: Three people

Profile: MasterFilter was founded in 2014 and specialises in the design and manufacture of Dual Flow Filtration Systems for use on all types of fluid power applications.

MasterFilter’s systems improve the longevity and cost effectiveness of wind turbines and decreases operations and maintenance costs associated with gearbox failure.

MasterFilter’s business is built on the fact offshore wind turbines gearboxes fail at an alarming rate with 50 percent of turbine gearboxes failing in the first three years of operation and remain one of the most prevalent operating expenses for wind farms.

MasterFilter has developed a revolutionary step-change oil filtration system that addresses more than 95 percent of gearbox failure causes. It dispels the notion that oil ‘wears out’ thanks to a filtration system which removes the water and dirt and avoids having to replace the oil, while ensuring the effective functioning of associated machinery and equipment.

This is achieved thanks to two different canisters within the same filtration unit: one is used to remove contaminants such as dirt and grit, and the second to remove water from the oil.

MasterFilter’s managing director is Paul Clark, a highly experienced production engineering manager, and by a strange quirk of fate also an organic farmer.

Chairman Alan Roper is an engineer and innovator with more than 40 years’ experience in mechanical engineering, largely in the automotive sector. After selling bespoke liquid filtration systems, he realised that it was often the lubrication systems which held the key to system success or failure, and from

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