Company Name: AirEx

Headquarters: London


Headcount: Four people

Profile: The AirEx innovation is developed by the U-Floor Technologies Ltd, a London-based SME that focuses on the development and rapid scale-up of fabric efficiency technologies in homes, to tackle energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

Incorporated in February 2016, the company’s core team of four came up with the idea of a cloud-based, intelligent ventilation control, now known as AirEx.

AirEx offers a solution to tens of millions of UK home that were built with low energy standards which leads to energy inefficiency and high energy bills.

AirEx is a smart ventitaliation control which uses sensors to measure temperature, humidity and air quality. Smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation, while taking into account local weather and air quality data, which enables to reduce underfloor humidity and heat loss without compromising the quality of the air in the home.

AirEx benefited from half a million pound of public and private sector investment,
achieved patent pending status and recently secured its first commercial contracts with corporate clients.

The core team of engineers, product designers and built environment professionals include co-founders Agnes Czako and James Wright as well as Will Frank-Gemmill and Malik Habib.

The team is supported by a team of four expert advisors.

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