Mediator: The Top 18 Media Grinches of 2018

I’m usually cheerful during the holiday season. This year? Not so much. My bad list has grown too long, my patience way too short.

So with that, allow me to present what I hope will not have to be an annual Mediator tradition — the Grinchies. It’s an award that doubles as a ranking of the people and institutions who undermined this already troubled industry or actively worked against a free press, and it was devised with high hopes for a better 2019.

Recipients of the Grinchies are ranked on a scale of one to five Grinches. One Grinch denotes an annoyance, and five Grinches go to those who have undermined the news media or the general discourse.

Bill de Blasio


As if the New York City mayor’s refusal to take reporters’ questions at public events wasn’t bad enough, emails released this year showed him cheering looming staff cuts at The Daily News. “Good for us, right?” Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote. He also rooted for the demise of The New York Post and suggested that his staff “starve” The New York Times. And I thought Rudy Giuliani hated the press when he lived in Gracie Mansion. Hizzoner needs to get a grip.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


You had one job. It was not a very hard job. Find a funny host and put on a show promoting the movie business. But then you hired Kevin Hart without checking his social media feeds or otherwise inquiring about his views.

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