Shell's Sinead Lynch: 'You do fundamentally change the way you look at the energy transition'

Shell’s UK country chair talks to BusinessGreen about net zero targets, unburnable carbon, and why this time around the company’s interest in renewables feels very different

Last week’s Shell Energy Live Summit kicked off with a speech from the company’s CEO Ben van Beurden that underlined the oil giant’s commitment to the net zero transition, defended the on-going role the fossil fuel industry had to play in the coming decades, and called on companies from other sectors to work with energy providers to drive faster emissions reductions.

The speech was followed by a debate with the Environmental Defense Fund’s Fred Krupp that was moderated by ITN’s Allegra Stratton, during which the Shell boss was pushed on why the company itself could not accelerate its transition towards net zero emissions.

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Later in the day BusinessGreen caught up with Shell’s UK Country Chair, Sinead Lynch, to discuss how the company plans to navigate the complex transition towards a net zero emission economy, how it plans to work with other sectors, and what needs to be done to accelerate a rate of decarbonisation currently too sluggish to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

BusinessGreen: What did you think of Ben van Beurden’s pitch at the start of the day? It struck me it was probably the clearest the company’s been on unequivocal support for net zero and that this seems quite non-negotiable for the company now?

Sinead Lynch: Oh, I think so. I think we made that decision when we put up the net carbon footprint ambition. As soon as you

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