Clean growth strategy to be overhauled to meet net zero

The UK’s flagship policy for a cleaner Britain is in line for “a significant refresh” in order to meet the government’s 2050 net zero target.

The move was revealed yesterday in Parliament, when Liberal Democrat peer Lord Teverson asked if the UK’s new target for net zero emissions by 2050 will require an update to the Clean Growth Strategy, drawn up when the UK’s target was an 80 per cent emissions cut by mid-century.

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In response, Lord Duncan of Springbank, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Business and Energy, said an updated strategy was “absolutely vital”.

“We will need to be bold about taking ourselves forward to net zero by 2050, because our present initiatives are not adequate to deliver that,” he said. “There will need to be a significant refresh not just of the wider clean growth strategy, but of all aspects of this covering all government departments.”

In June, May announced that the UK’s climate change targets would be strengthened to meet net zero by 2050, following advice from its advisors at the Committee on Climate Change. However, the Committee had said that the target was only possible if “clear, stable, and well-designed policies to reduce emissions further are introduced across the economy without delay”.

Current policy was insufficient for even the existing targets, it warned.

The Clean Growth Strategy, released in October 2017, puts the UK almost on track to meet climate targets for the mid-2030s, aligned to the old 80 per cent goal. Fresh policies will be needed to accelerate the UK’s decarbonisation in line with a

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