Study: Regions are leading the way on green energy generation

States and regions such as California are moving faster to cut emissions than the rest of the world

New analysis from The Climate Group and CDP highlights how many states and regions are decarbonising far faster than the global average

Progressive state and regional governments are moving faster than the rest of the world on decarbonising their electricity systems, according to new analysis released today by climate NGOs which reveals 75 states and regions now get almost half their power from renewables.

The Global States and Regions Annual Disclosure report from CDP and The Climate Group sets out the progress made by 124 state and regional governments – representing 20 per cent of the global economy – in ramping up renewable electricity in their jurisdictions.

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It found that 75 are already powering their grid with 45 per cent renewable electricity, compared to the global renewables supply average of 25 per cent. Seven states and regions are already up to 100 per cent renewable power.

The increased reliance on renewable power is helping these states and regions to cut their emissions faster; emissions have fallen by 14 per cent in states and regions covered in the report, in contrast to rising global emissions.

Much of the progress is down to a growing trend for states and regions to set net zero emissions targets and make 100 per cent renewable power pledges, according to Tim Ash Vie, director of the Under2 Coalition of states and regions at The Climate Group.

States such as California in the US are defying federal government

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