Green Party eyes extensive 'Right to Repair' law to fight “throwaway society”

Co-leader Sian Berry claims ‘none of the other parties are even talking about’ circular economy issues during General Election campaign

The Green Party has said it would force manufacturers to ensure their products work “for years after purchase” by establishing a comprehensive ‘Right to Repair’ law in the UK.

The proposals are part of the Party’s suite of general election policies, unveiled today, which are designed to combat the UK’s “throwaway society”.

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The proposed new law would ban the practice of deliberately producing goods that become obsolete within only a few years, in order to encourage wider repair and reuse of consumer products such as televisions, fridges, and dishwashers.

The Green Party explained the regulations would be “much more extensive” than similar EU rules already due to come into force in April 2021, which will see all new goods such washing machines, lighting products and freezers having to meet minimum repairability requirements.

The Green Party gave few further details of the proposed law but explained that, should it win enough support from voters in the election next week, it would seek to develop the proposal in consultation with consumer groups and small businesses.

“Today, we are pleased to propose a real Right to Repair, which would make it a legal requirement for companies to lengthen the lifespan of their products, make spare parts available, and build them in ways which can be fixed by everyday tools,” said Green Party co-leader Sian Berry. “This is an essential step towards cutting waste and going net-zero by 2030, and none of the

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