Wind giant Vestas set to become carbon neutral by 2030

Turbine manufacturer says it will cut its carbon footprint by 55 per cent by 2025 and hit 100 per cent by 2030, promising carbon neutrality ‘with no offsets’

Vestas, the world’s largest maker of wind turbines, has promised to hit net zero emissions by 2030 without using offsets, as part of a drive to “lead the transition to a world powered by sustainable energy”.

The Danish manufacturer confirmed last week it plans to reduce its global carbon footprint by 55 per cent by 2025, and eliminate it entirely by 2030, with all savings coming from emission reduction actions.

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The move comes amid a dramatic upswing in the number of companies promising to deliver net zero emissions. However, the vast majority of corporate net zero strategies currently rely to varying degrees on the use of some carbon offsets to help balance carbon accounts. 

Vestas, which is also joint owner of offshore wind manufacturer MHI Vestas, already runs all its factories and offices worldwide on renewable electricity. Efforts to further reduce its emissions will see it switch to electric vehicles for its 1,000-strong company car fleet and introduce technologies to tackle heating-related emissions from its own operations, the company said.

It added that it will also work to cut emissions from its supply chain by 45 per cent per MWh of energy generated by 2030, insisting it is “taking full responsibility for the company’s environmental footprint”. Measuring emissions reduction from its supply chain in this way will allow the renewable energy sector to continue to grow while slashing emissions, it explained.

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