Global wind power grows by more than 60GW in 2019

But Global Wind Energy Council forced to revise its forecasts for 2020 and beyond as coronavirus fallout continues

The wind power industry enjoyed its second biggest growth year in history in 2019, adding 60.4GW of new onshore and offshore capacity amid surging demand for clean energy worldwide, latest data from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has revealed.

New year-on-year wind farm capacity rapidly rose 19 per cent around the world last year, bringing total capacity of wind energy globally to over 651GW, according to the GWEC’s annual update yesterday, although the group warned that growth was still not fast enough to meet international climate change goals and acknowledged recent momentum would undoubtedly be stalled by the escalating coronavirus pandemic.

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The latest report reiterated that the biggest wind energy markets remain the US and China, which together accounted for 60 per cent of new onshore and offshore wind capacity additions last year, with India, Spain, and the UK making rounding out the top five.

While onshore wind continues to dominate the global market, there are signs that offshore wind is becoming an ever more important player in the renewables sector, with a record 6.1GW of new capacity added last year making up 10 per cent of last year’s global wind power growth, the data shows.

Meanwhile, the growing number of wind farms around the world continues to be largely driven by financing via market based policy mechanisms, such as the UK’s Contracts for Difference scheme, it seems. Clean power auctions worldwide were responsible for adding 40GW of capacity

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