UK moves to keep EU waste and recycling targets post-Brexit

Government promises to enshrine target to achieve 65 per cent recycling rate by 2035 in UK law as it publishes new Circular Economy Plan

The government has confirmed a number of key EU recycling targets are to be maintained in the UK once the Brexit transition preriod comes to an end, as it today published a fresh circular economy plan that will put into law a goal to recycle 65 per cent of municipal waste by 2035.

The announcement comes around a fortnight the UK missed the official deadline for transferring the EU’s Circular Economy Package – including a raft of statutory recycling targets – into UK legislation, a move that caused concern among some green groups.

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However, the new UK Circular Economy Package unveiled today enshrines a number of the EU’s headline ambitions into UK law, namely for for municipal waste to be reduced by 65 per cent by 2035, and a commitment to ensure that no more than 10 per cent of municipal waste ends up in landfill by the same date.

The recycling policy package, which is set to become law later this year, restricts the materials which can be landfilled or incinerated, and mandates that waste separately collected for recycling from households cannot be burned for energy or buried.

The UK has struggled to boost its recycling rate recent years, particularly in England. Having plateaued at around 45 per cent for several years across the UK, last year the figure even dropped slightly, rendering the EU’s legal target to achieve a 50 per cent recycling

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