CISL launches business guide for injecting sustainable practices into everyday operations

Unilever is among the firms providing advice on integrating sustainability into everyday business practices

New guide draws on the expertise of recognised corporate sustainability leaders such as Ikea and Unilever to set out 10 principles for effectively embedding environmental action within an organisation

How can businesses ensure they integrate and deliver sustainable practices throughout their operations? In a contemporary corporate landscape characterised by escalating climate risks, emerging clean technologies, and mounting pressure from green consumers, investors, and regulators it is a critical question for many business leaders. Now a new report aims to provide guidance on just that issue, drawing on insights from leading companies that have been recognised for their sustainability efforts.

Published by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), the report outlines 10 core principles harvested from the experience of four global giants: DSM, Ingka Group, the parent of retail giant Ikea, Interface, and Unilever. Titled Leading with a sustainable purpose: Leaders’ insights for the development, alignment and integration of a sustainable corporate purpose, the report  divides these principles into three overarching goals: align purpose, strategy and sustainability; integrate practices across the core business; and communicate and engage externally.

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“There has been a lot of debate about corporate purpose, but less about how it’s done,” said CISL director of business strategy and report author Ben Kellard. “We have sought to capture how leaders have especially aligned corporate purpose with a transition to a sustainable economy.”

The report explores the different ways the principles have been successfully adopted by leading businesses. It suggests that a business

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