Keir Starmer: Climate action must be 'at the heart' of Covid-19 recovery

Labour leader promises climate change and the green economy will be central to Party’s plans ‘now and at the next election’

Tackling the climate emergency must be at the heart of the UK’s rebuilding process after the coronavirus crisis, with the green economy boasting the potential to create “huge opportunities for our country”, Labour leader Keir Starmer has argued.

In some of his strongest comments yet on climate change and the net zero transition since becoming leader of the opposition a year ago, Starmer promised that driving a green recovery “will be central to Labour’s agenda both now and at the next election”.

“Tackling the climate emergency is the defining challenge of the next decade,” he said. “It must be at the heart of our rebuild from this pandemic. The way we rebuild will determine the kind of society we live in, and the kind of planet we live on, for generations to come.”

Starmer’s comments came at a meeting convened yesterday by a host of green groups, including Green Alliance, Greenpeace, the National Trust, RSPB, WWF UK, the Wildlife Trusts, and Friends of the Earth.

Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband, Shadow Environment Secretary Luke Pollard, and Shadow Climate Minister Matthew Pennycook also attended the meeting, at which Starmer reiterated Labour’s call for a “world-leading Green Economic Recovery “to protect jobs and communities as well as our planet”.

“If we get this right, the fight against the climate emergency can create huge opportunities for our country,” Starmer added. “From

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