Study: Fleet electrification primed to soar as heavier-duty EVs come online

Study published this week by US charging network ChargePoint predicts growing range of specialist commercial vehicles will turbocharge corporates’ shift away from fossil fuels

The fleet market for electric vehicles (EV) is set to boom over the coming years as zero emission versions of heavy-duty vehicles that have previously resisted electrification hit the market.

That is the conclusion of a new report from US-based EV charge point specialist ChargePoint, published yesterday, which argues the shift to fleet electrification is already happening on a “broad scale” and forecasts the trend will accelerate as cost savings become more evident and different types of EVs are debuted.

The report pinpoints a growing availability of new types of EVs, in particular medium- and heavy-duty vehicles critical to many businesses’ operations, as a key driver in the shift towards corporate fleet electrification, in addition to reduced fuelling and maintenance costs, and a proliferation of corporate sustainability goals.

Drawing from figures published by BloombergNEF, the report predicts the number of medium- and heavy-duty EV models available will double by 2023, as automakers increasingly address gaps in the market. And in the short-term, it forecasts that sales of medium- and heavy-duty EVs will grow by more than 100 per cent from 2020 to 2021.

Specialist vehicles required for commercial operators have historically trailed behind smaller vehicles in terms of technological zero-emission readiness due to their need for longer range requirements and more power for heavier loads.

But Chargepoint chief commercial and revenue officer, Michael Hughes, said

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