Former F1 champion Jenson Button joins electric rally series Extreme E

Kicking off in April, Extreme E aims to highlight the impacts of climate change and promote electric vehicles via a series of races in remote and extreme locations

British racing champion Jenson Button has become the latest global motorsports star to join Extreme E, the new electric rally racing championship which aims to highlight the impacts of climate change on remote locations across the globe.

Kicking off its inaugural season in April 2021, Extreme E will see electric SUVs competing in extreme environments which have already been impacted by climate change or other pressing environmental issues. Starting in Saudia Arabia before five further races at other locations across the planet, the competition aims to highlight the impacts of human activity on the world’s ecosystems, while promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Button is the third Formula One world champion to join the Extreme E racing league, following in the footsteps of both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. A number of driving champions from the World Rallycross, World Rally, and Women’s Trial World championships have also already signed up to the Extreme E championship.

Button will both own a team – named JBXE – in addition to serving as one of its two drivers.

“In Extreme E they’ve created a product that will offer first class racing and entertainment to the fans, but also serves to highlight the impact of climate change,” Button said. “Whilst we will of course compete to win on track, as a collective we will

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