'Critical to the UK's carbon strategy': Conservationists call for national 'blue carbon' strategy

Credit: Marine Conservation Society, Mark Kirkland

Green groups argue rewilding UK waters must be a central tenet of government’s net zero plans

The UK’s seas have a starring role to play in the UK’s pathway to net zero emissions, yet marine protection is too often overlooked in discussions about climate goals, conservationists have warned.

A new report published this morning by the Marine Conservation Society and Rewilding Britain argues the protection and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems must become a critical pillar of the UK’s net zero strategy.

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Marine ecosystems like seagrass meadows, saltmarshes, and mangroves absorb or ‘draw down’ carbon from the water and atmosphere – just like plants and trees on land – and as such can help the UK meet its climate goals.

But despite the growing emphasis given to forest protection projects on land,

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