'Going further': Burberry vows to be 'climate positive' by 2040

British fashion brand accelerates its supply chain emissions reduction targets as it pledges to invest in climate solutions outside of its value chain

Burberry has beefed up its sustainability agenda, pledging late last week that it would become a ‘climate positive’ company by 2040 by investing in climate adaptation and mitigation initiatives outside of its value chain.

The luxury fashion brand also announced a new target to slash its broader supply chain emissions by 46 per cent by 2030, up from a previous pledge of delivering a 30 per cent reduction by the end of the decade.

The British firm claimed its ‘climate positive’ goal, which comes on top of a previous pledge to become a net zero emission company by 2040, is a first for the luxury fashion industry.

Alongside reducing its absolute emissions and investing in nature-based

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