Morrisons tells shoppers: 'sniff milk, don't waste it'

Morrisons shoppers are being encouraged to smell their milk to check it has not spoiled in what is being described as a return to the generations-old “sniff test”.

The UK’s fourth largest supermarket is removing its ‘use by’ date from milk bottles at the end of the month in a move that the firm hopes will put a dent in the 330,000 tonnes of milk wasted each year, equivalent to around seven per cent of total UK production.

Morrisons milk will still carry a best before date which gives an indication of when it will have the best possible taste, but after that the message is: “sniff it”.

Milk can often be used safely for several days after its best before date, but it is the third most wasted food in the UK after bread and potatoes.

Marcus Gover, chief executive of food waste charity Wrap, said he was delighted

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