'Pie-in-the-sky approach': Net Zero Strategy taken to court by environmental groups

The UK government is being sued over its Net Zero Strategy, amidst allegations it threatens the wellbeing of future generations because it lacks “sufficient and credible policies” to enable the UK to meet its near-term, legally-binding decarbonisation goals.

Environmental law charity ClientEarth announced this morning it was taking the government to court over the “inadequate” strategy, arguing the roadmap suffers from several policy gaps, relies too heavily on speculative and unproven technologies, and ignores a number of proven solutions that could deliver much needed short-term emissions cuts.

It claims the whole-economy decarbonisation plan that was published last autumn does not meet the requirements of the 2008 Climate Change Act, which demands that “as far as possible” legislation must be compatible with rights protected under the European Convention of Human Rights. ClientEarth is set to argue that breaches of future carbon budgets would increase climate instability and threaten young people’s right

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