Green farming: Fossil fuel free fertiliser to be sold in Sweden from 2023

Fertiliser giant Yara and Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen have signed a landmark deal that could see fossil-free fertiliser become increasingly common on farms in Sweden.

Under the terms of the agreement, Yara will produce fertilisers with a carbon footprint 80 to 90 per cent lower than conventional fertiliser, and Lantmännen will market them to farmers in the Scandinavian country from 2023.

The partners, who have been working together on the development of green fertiliser since 2019, said the deal represented the “first” commercial agreement ever signed for fossil-free fertilisers.

The fertiliser will be produced with ammonia made from hydrogen generated using renewable energy, according to the partners, instead of hydrogen derived from liquified fossil gas that is typically used across the agriculture industry.

Yara president and CEO Svein Tore Holsether said collaboration would drive forward the decarbonisation of the food system.

“We have to transform the food system to deliver

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