Volvo Trucks boosts range of electric trucks by 85 per cent

Volvo Trucks has launched an enhanced version of its Volvo VNR Electric truck, which promises to increase the maximum range of it zero tailpipe emissions models by up to 85 per cent.

The first generation Volvo VNR Electric truck had an operating range of up to 240km (150 miles), but the enhanced version of the class 8 electric truck can achieve almost double the previous range, reaching up to 440km (275 miles) on a single charge. The improved performance is largely due to improved battery design and a new six battery package option that has increased the battery’s storage capacity to up to 565kWh, Volvo Trucks said.

The updated truck design is one of six all-electric ‘heavy trucks’ that the firm has brought to market since December 2020. The company said the latest model had been specially designed for the North American market.

The limited availability of battery or

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