Unilever to trial 'warmer' ice cream freezers in bid to slash CO2 and energy use

Unilever is to trial the use of ice cream freezers that operate at slightly warmer temperatures in the hope that cutting down on energy use could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 20 to 30 per cent per freezer, the consumer goods giant announced yesterday.

Starting with a trial in Germany next month followed by a second in Indonesia next year, the firm said it aimed to explore the impact on its ice cream products and energy performance of operating its freezers at -12C in real-world conditions, rather than the current industry average standard of -18C.

If successful, Unilever said it would work to gradually “warm up” its last mile freezer cabinets across various markets worldwide, starting with countries and regions where its carbon footprint from cooling operations is highest in order to “achieve the maximum reductive impact” on its CO2.

Matt Close, president of Unilever ice cream business, said

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