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Student Loan Borrowers Don’t Deserve ‘Forgiveness.’ They Deserve an Apology.

Whatever the cost of any student loan cancellation program, it’ll just be money we should have spent on higher education in the first place.

Let’s stop the conversation about student loan forgiveness and start one about the necessity of saying we’re sorry.

After all, it’s not the borrowers who did anything wrong — it’s the country. We’re the ones who should be asking their forgiveness.

Teenagers go to college because we tell them to. Many people in their 20s pursue graduate education because an advanced degree is what they need to prosecute criminals, cure cancer and teach or counsel those teenagers.

And for decades we’ve failed these students over and over.

We’ve left them mostly on their own to pay for the betterment of themselves and society, and then heaped one administrative burden after another on them along the way.

Pell Grants should be renamed in honor of Ebenezer Scrooge. Franz Kafka appears to have written

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