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The Unlikely Ascent of New York’s Compost Champion

An ad led to Domingo Morales falling in love with compost. A windfall is helping him spread the word.

There were good reasons Domingo Morales, a city kid from the Bronx, didn’t want to try his hand at urban farming. He was terrified of germs. He thought vegetables were disgusting. Plus, everyone knows the ground in New York City is shot through with lead.

But Mr. Morales’ bosses in 2015 really wanted him to give it a shot, so he did. To his astonishment, he loved it. And though he couldn’t know it at the time, Mr. Morales would fall in love with insects, bacteria, and even vegetables, and, before long, become arguably the most famous compost guy in New York.

Mr. Morales, a doe-eyed, vibrant 30-year-old once known on the street as “Reckless,” is on a mission to make composting cool, by which he means accessible to everyone, by which he means

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