Siemens Gamesa has officially launched its “world first” recyclable wind turbine blade to the market for onshore power projects, following the delivery of its first recyclable offshore wind turbine blades earlier this year, the company announced yesterday.

It means the wind power engineering giant’s RecyclableBlade is now available for both onshore and offshore wind projects, which it said marked a major milestone for building a more circular wind energy sector worldwide.

The recyclable blade was first brought to market for the offshore wind sector in just 10 months following its launch in September 2021, in a bid to address the “tricky” issue of blade recyclability in the industry.

The traditional production process for wind blades involves a number of composite materials, including resin, glass and fibres, which are typically then disposed of at the end of a wind farm’s lifecycle. But while around 85 per cent of a wind turbine’s

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