You are currently viewing Downpours From Ian Prompt Florida Treatment Plants to Release Waste

As of Thursday afternoon, excess water from Hurricane Ian had prompted at least a dozen wastewater treatment facilities in Florida to discharge either raw or partially treated waste, which can contain bacteria or other disease-causing organisms as well as high levels of nitrogen and phosphates, according to the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Now, as the storm heads toward South Carolina, attention is turning to sites there that might be at risk.

Charleston, which is in the projected path of the storm, has a number of industrial facilities in low-lying areas that are adjacent to waterways, according to the Southern Environmental Law Center. Those sites include a plastic pellet operation, a paper mill, concrete and asphalt plants and scrap metal facilities.

South Carolina doesn’t require such facilities to submit storm water data or plans to the state, said Geoff Gisler, a senior attorney at the law center, so it is difficult to know

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