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The network used to be a safe space for the former president. But Brian Kilmeade, Jason Chaffetz and others had tough words for Trump’s appearance on “Hannity,” his first Fox interview in months.

Reunions can be awkward.

Former President Donald J. Trump finally returned this week to his old stomping ground, Fox News, after several months away. The chilly reception from some of his one-time media allies underscored his uneasy place at the moment in Republican politics.

Yes, Sean Hannity, the Fox News anchor who conducted the interview, listened patiently as Mr. Trump reeled off his usual talking points about the “fake news media” and “horrible” Democrats. The former president said Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, a potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination, would be toiling “at a pizza parlor” without his endorsement. And he concluded with the grim assessment that “our country is dead.”

But while Fox News and Mr. Trump existed

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