Nearly a quarter of medium and large businesses in Great Britain have indulged in so-called ‘greenhushing’ in the past year, admitting they have under communicated their sustainability practices.

That is the concerning finding of new research commissioned by environmental charity Earthwatch Europe which saw YouGov survey of more than 1,000 senior decision makers from UK businesses.

The results showed that 23.6 per cent of those from medium and large companies felt that their business had – either deliberately or inadvertently – ‘greenhushed’ their achievements in the past year by under-communicating their sustainability initiatives or goals.

Earthwatch Europe said the findings highlight the increasing prevalence of greenhushing in corporate sustainability departments, as firms look to minimise the risk of being accused of greewashing or provoking further scrutiny.

“Business leaders must be open to receiving constructive criticism and must prioritise transparency in their sustainability reporting,” said Steve Andrews, chief executive of Earthwatch

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