Drinks giant Diageo has announced it has invested in a new aluminium recycling and manufacturing plant, which it aims to create a more sustainable and circular aluminium supply chain for the UK drinks industry.

The British Aluminium Consortium for Advanced Alloys (BACALL) is a collective of industry experts and has received an undisclosed sum from Diageo to build a dedicated plant to roll hundreds of thousands of aluminium sheets in the UK. The drinks giant said the plant should have “more than enough” capacity to produce over 400 million cans of Guinness and pre-mixed Gordon’s and tonic.

Diageo said that currently the UK aluminium recycling sector is reliant on an energy-intensive supply chain, which is based on the “unsustainable” exporting and importing of aluminium.

The new advanced recycling and manufacturing plant will help to establish a new circular-economy supply chain for aluminium in the UK, Diageo said. The plant will

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