You are currently viewing Republican Attacks on Biden’s Climate Law Raise Concerns Ahead of Election

Executives of companies with clean energy projects are facing questions about the potential for a rollback of the law and its incentives if a Republican wins.

The United States has experienced a surge in clean energy projects, representing more than $200 billion in new investments since President Biden signed an expansive climate bill into law more than a year ago. But the election and the potential for a Republican takeover is prompting concern that key parts of the law could be upended.

Former President Donald J. Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, has repeatedly attacked central elements of the Inflation Reduction Act, including tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles. As a result, corporate executives have begun facing questions in recent weeks about the possibility that the legislation could be rolled back or changed in ways that could affect their clean energy investment decisions.

Republican lawmakers have tried, unsuccessfully, to repeal much of

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