You are currently viewing Help! Air Canada Ruined Our Trip to Ireland but Won’t Take the Blame.

A Minnesota couple’s vacation fell apart after a jet bridge accident and a code-share snafu led to two nights of failed connections.

Dear Tripped Up,

Last September, my husband and I left our kids with their grandparents and set off to Ireland. Our $2,132 itinerary took us from Minneapolis to Toronto to Dublin on tickets booked on United Airlines through Expedia but ultimately operated by Air Canada, a United partner. We had boarded our connecting flight in Toronto (and I was already dozing in my seat) when the captain announced an operator had crashed the jet bridge into the starboard engine. We were given hotel vouchers and told we would be rebooked for the next day. Checkout time came and went without a word, so we went to the airport and were told to call Air Canada customer service. An agent booked us a flight for that evening, and we printed out

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