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The City Council in Alameda, Calif., voted to stop tests of a device that could one day cool the Earth. Scientists and city staff had previously concluded the tests posed no risk.

Elected leaders in Alameda, Calif., voted early on Wednesday to stop scientists from testing a device that might one day be used to artificially cool the planet, overruling city staff members who had found the experiment posed no danger.

Despite assurances from experts that the experiment was safe for humans and the environment, residents in the small city of 76,000 voiced the kinds of fears that swirl around the idea of intervening with natural systems to temporarily ease global warming.

The test involved spraying tiny sea-salt particles across the flight deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Hornet, docked in Alameda in San Francisco Bay. Versions of that device could eventually be used to spray the material skyward, making clouds

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