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There were several hitches in the last week as Skydance, Paramount and its parent company, National Amusements, reached the final stages of negotiations.

Skydance’s merger talks with Paramount were called off Tuesday after the two sides failed to agree on terms, scuttling a deal that has captivated Hollywood for months.

The suspended negotiations derail attempts to unite Paramount — the parent company of CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon — with Skydance, the up-and-coming movie studio behind “Top Gun: Maverick” that is an important partner for Paramount’s film business.

The deal died just as it neared fruition. Right before Paramount’s special committee voted on the deal, lawyers for National Amusements emailed the committee to say it was ending the discussions. The email said that though Paramount and Skydance had come to an agreement on economic terms, they could not agree on outstanding “noneconomic terms,” according to two people familiar with the matter.

There were several hitches

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