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In “All the Worst Humans,” Phil Elwood recounts a career spent engineering headlines for some of the world’s villains.

ALL THE WORST HUMANS: How I Made News for Dictators, Tycoons, and Politicians, by Phil Elwood

Late in their careers, journalists with well-known bylines tend to write memoirs. These books are all the same, just about. Early on, they have plenty of entertaining character studies of the scamps and scoundrels who populate newsrooms. That is followed by scenes of boozy evenings in exotic locations, usually with some gunfire in the distance. On Page 100 or so comes the step-by-step narrative of how the reporter, despite some deep-seated personal failings, plays a key role in exposing this or that corrupt politician, business leader or institution.

“All the Worst Humans,” a pithy, anecdote-rich memoir by Phil Elwood, has a lot in common with those books. But it tells a story from journalism’s shadow side, the realm

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