The entire steel industry needs to take immediate action to decarbonise operations by scaling up their use of fossil fuel alternative such as green hydrogen and electric arc furnace technologies, as pockets of “radical shifts” by just a handful of industry leaders will not be sufficient to put the sector on a 1.5C-aligned pathway.

That is the warning shot fired in a new report today by industry standard and certification body ResponsibleSteel, which urges the global steel industry to take “bold and universal action” to accelerate progress to net zero emissions, and to clearly map that progress out in “a universal language”.

The report – Charting Progress to 1.5°C through Certification – stresses that the industry needs to ensure every steelmaking plant operating worldwide today emits less CO2 than today’s average emissions intensity by the end of the decade if climate goals are to be met, underscoring the need for immediate

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