You are currently viewing ‘Inside Out 2’ Passes $1.25 Billion Mark and Pixar’s Biggest Movie Ever

The animated film about a young teenage girl and her complex emotions has passed the $1.25 billion mark globally and is expected to keep growing.

Emotions are running wild at the box office this summer. Pixar’s newest animated feature, “Inside Out 2,” passed the $1.25 billion mark globally on Wednesday, making it the studio’s highest-grossing film of all time, not adjusted for inflation. It has raked in $543 million domestically and $708 million internationally.

“Incredibles 2,” which earned $1.24 billion worldwide in 2018, was previously in the top spot for Pixar, which is owned by Disney.

“Inside Out 2” is also the most successful film of 2024 so far and the fourth highest-grossing animated movie ever — behind “Frozen” (2013), “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” (2023) and “Frozen II” (2019). Its profits are poised to keep climbing as it is released in more countries, including Japan.

“Inside Out 2,” Pixar’s 28th movie, continues the

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