Number Of Bitcoin Whales On The Rise As BTC Chases New All-Time High

Bitcoin whales are not slowing down on their accumulation tour despite rising prices. Bitcoin has now hit $62K for the first time in five months and the market has rejoiced over this milestone. With more growth expected in the coming weeks, investors are making sure that they do not miss out on what the digital […]

Strike Launches New Feature To Allow Users Convert Salaries To Bitcoin

Payments processor Strike has announced the launch of a new feature that will allow users to convert their paychecks to bitcoin. This feature brings workers one step closer to collecting their paychecks in bitcoin. Instead of the employer paying out wages and salaries in BTC, employees can take the paychecks they receive and convert them […]

Bitcoin Breaks $60,000 Ahead Of SEC ETF Approvals

Bitcoin has broken a new five-month high on Friday after breaking above $60,000. The digital asset had begun its ascent weeks prior at the beginning of October, a historically bullish month for cryptocurrencies. This rally has been mostly driven by rumors that the SEC is set to approve the first Bitcoin ETF in the United […]

Why We Could See The First Approved U.S. Bitcoin ETF In October

Various investment funds have applied for Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. The number has grown as interest in crypto has been on the rise in recent months. A couple of countries so far have approved some crypto ETFs and investors can trade on these. However, the United States is yet to see the approval of […]

SpaceBudZ Marks First NFT Sale Above $1 Million On Cardano Network

NFTs have been live on the Cardano network for a while. Before smart contracts capability had debuted on the network, users were able to mint and sell NFTs without needing a smart contract address. This has been one of the pulls towards the network and users have taken full advantage of this capability to trade […]

Value Of Ethereum Held By Miners Reaches Five-Year Record Levels

Despite the Ethereum burn introduced with the London hard fork, miners are still making a good amount of revenue from mining. For ETH, the balance held by miners had been dropping since 2016. This was mostly a combination of poor market conditions and miners selling their holdings to fund their mining activities. With low prices, […]

Investors Expect Ethereum To Outgrow Bitcoin, According To CoinShares Survey

Investor interest in Ethereum is no longer a novel phenomenon. The second-largest asset by market cap has seen more support with the rise of decentralized finance on its ecosystem. Applications of Ethereum have been the major drive behind the growth of the cryptocurrency and institutional and individual investors alike see the asset outgrowing number 1 […]

Cardano Investors In Japan Come Under Fire For $6 Million In Underreported Taxes

Cardano investors in Japan have come under scrutiny after authorities reported that investors in the asset had underreported their taxes from their trading activities. It was reported that multiple cities in the country had seen profits from trading in Cardano’s native token ADA but had not reported the earnings made from investing in the digital […]

Bitcoin Inflows Shows Institutional Investors Are Back On The Bull Train

Bitcoin recovered above $50K on Tuesday following a rallying that pulled the market back into the green. October has so far been good for the digital asset and investors have begun to return again into the market amid recovering prices. On the investment front, inflows show that institutional interest in bitcoin is returning after inflows […]

Grayscale Report Shows The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The Cardano Network

Cardano featured in the latest release of the Grayscale Building Blocks, a monthly publication from one of the leading crypto funds in the world. The report focused solely on the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. An exposé of sorts. The report went through various aspects of Cardano, including its creation, leadership, community, and so forth. […]

Why The Bitcoin At $100K Discourse Remains Strong Despite Market Crashes

Bitcoin no doubt had an eventful ride through the month of September. The month which usually carries promises of price dips and crashes, and overall low market momentum maintained its reputation. This led to a value loss of over 20% in the market, causing cryptocurrencies to tumble down in the market. For the majority of […]

Polygon Founder Says Ethereum Is Set To Replace Bitcoin As The Global Standard

Bitcoin still remains the top crypto project in the space. But it no secret that Ethereum has been quickly catching up with the pioneer cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) use cases have been the major contributor behind this space as investors have flocked to the blockchain to earning returns on their crypto holdings. This has […]

Verifone Brings Bitcoin Payments To Thousands Of Merchants Across The U.S.

Bitcoin payments are gaining traction as the asset price has grown. With El Salvador making the cryptocurrency a legal tender, it is only a matter of time until other countries follow in its footsteps. Making the implementation of BTC payments important for companies who want to stay competitive in the long run. Major outlets have […]

JPMorgan CEO Doesn’t Care If Bitcoin Grows 10X In Five Years

Bitcoin investing is arguably one of the most talked-about investment in the finance industry at present. The returns on the digital asset have seen people allocating more of their investment budgets to bitcoin. But for people who may not have as much fiat as they would like to invest in the asset, borrowing has been […]

EMURGO To Invest $100 Million In Cardano To Bolster DeFi Adoption

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become an increasingly important addition to the Cardano network following the launch of smart contracts capability. Developers have been working since the Alonzo hard fork to bring their DeFi solutions to the ecosystem. But with decentralized finance already underway on blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana, Cardano has had to play […]

Cardano Summit Sees Launch Of Exciting New Partnerships

The Cardano Summit has now officially come to an end. Saturday and Sunday saw live and virtual events from around the world, while notable figures in the crypto space spoke at the event, including the founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson. The event brought a lot of excitement to the space and allowed community members to […]

JPMorgan Analysts Say That Big Money Are Dumping Bitcoin For Ethereum

Ethereum has recently made its way into the radar of institutional investors. More big money has been flowing into the digital asset in recent months following the success of decentralized finance (DeFi). With this much money coming in from institutional investors, the value of ETH has seen significant growth in the past couple of months. […]

Cardano Summit Begins Tomorrow, Here’s What You Should Know

The Cardano summit is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Saturday, September 25th. The summit is scheduled to run for two days, the 25th to the 26th, and promises to be a one-of-a-kind event. Meetups are available in six locations around the world. But the summit will feature both live and virtual events where anyone from around […]

September Leaves Behind Trail Of Blood, Bitcoin Long Liquidations

After what looked to be a month of prosperity following the August bull run, Bitcoin has now entered into an era of increasingly bearish signals. The asset had seen a number of rallies that pushed it over two-month highs, successfully breaking above the $52K resistance range on a number of occasions. Throwing the entire market […]

Did Bitcoin Really Experience A Flash Crash Down To $5,400?

Bitcoin has been plagued by numerous dips that have left the price of the asset at one-month lows. Monday was brutal for the cryptocurrency as the close of the weekend drew in with its low momentum in the market. This, in turn, led to the market experiencing a downtrend. Most notable was the price of […]

Why The Hydra Layer 2 Solution Is Important To The Cardano Network

IOHK, the developer behind the Cardano network, has announced a new solution for the network. Following the launch of smart contracts on the network, it has moved on to other projects to make sure that the network meets all of the needs of its developers. This has shone through in the latest release from the […]

Ethereum Is Ready For Inevitable Climb Over $10,000, Says Crypto Analyst

The year has come with a lot of optimistic predictions for the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Its current trends have seen analysts put the digital asset at above $10,000 by the end of the year. And now, another crypto analyst, Lark Davis, has echoed what his counterparts have been saying in […]

Ethereum Sees Record Daily Volume Withdrawn From Centralized Exchanges

Exchange supply in the crypto market has been down across the board, and Ethereum has been no exception. The digital asset has grown in popularity due to the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi). Due to its token being the primary mode of payment on the protocols and Ethereum being the largest smart contracts platform in […]

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Hit One-Year Lows, How Does This Affect The Price?

Bitcoin transaction fees are usually an indication of how holders are moving their coins around. When the network gets congested due to a high number of transactions, the transaction fees go up, indicating a high volume of traffic on the network. Transaction traffic usually is high around bull markets when the price of the digital […]