Will Elon Musk become a Trillionaire because of Bitcoin?

Many people are asking and thinking: Will Elon Musk become a Trillionaire because of Bitcoin? The truth is, he holds every strategic advantage to become a Trillionaire and more for many reasons. The truth is Elon Musk is making big bets on the cryptocurrency space, and this shows he might be playing an angle. Cryptocurrencies […]

Discussions.App talks about Decentralized Social Reputations

Social reputations are the next milestone in social media interactions. With the rise of decentralized social media platforms, the inclusion of social reputations is inevitable. Recently, decentralized social media platform discussions.app launched Aura its decentralized social reputations app. E-Crypto News caught up with Jacques Xu, Co-Founder at Discussions.app. Here is what he had to say. […]

Bottlepay CEO Mark Webster Talks to E-Crypto News about Critical Matters

Purchasing cryptocurrencies has been seen by many as something that nerds do. Until now, that is. Recently… purchasing cryptocurrencies became easier in the United Kingdom. Bottlepay one of the easiest ways to buy cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom has become a force to reckon with. The company recently completed its largest funding round yet. The […]

E-Crypto News talks to Permission.io About Permission-based Advertising

Permission-based advertising has been the holy grail of advertising. The major issue with it generally has been the many issues surrounding central control. The rise of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) has made available options for this. One of those options is Permission.io Permission.io is one of the world’s premium permission advertising platforms. The company recently […]

NetCents Talks to E-Crypto News About Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming mainstream. So much so that it is often easier to open a cryptocurrency wallet than a bank account. It has created a need for cryptocurrency payment solutions that can make things easy for all the members of the cryptospace. One of such platforms is NetCents. NetCents is one of the new […]

RAIR talks to E-Crypto News About NFTs and Digital Rights

The world is on the precipice. The knowledge economy is leaking funds meant for owners of intellectual property. We see it every day through the theft of incentives meant for content creators and other intellectual property owners. The great thing though is distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and their allied systems can change this. The existence […]

E-Crypto News talks to Umbria and Polygon About DeFi Leverage

Layer 2 solutions are on the rise in the crypto space. So much so we are seeing all kinds of solutions come up in the space. Public blockchains are sometimes limited by the utilities and kinds of solutions that they can offer. Layer 2 solutions come to the rescue! It is the case with Polygon, […]

E-Crypto News Talks to BitPay About Crypto-Fiat Payments Integration

Cryptocurrency payments company BitPay recently integrated ApplePay into their payments infrastructure. This move has given Apple ecosystem users access to the crypto-space via the BitPay Mastercard. They can now add their card to their AppleWallet and do the same things they have been doing. This time with cryptocurrencies! E-Crypto News reached out to Sean Rolland, […]

Compute North CEO Dave Perrill sits down with E-Crypto News

Compute North, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining data center operators recently concluded a funding round. Apart from this, Compute North recently announced the reception of 47 MW of inbound mining gear from DCG Foundry. E-Crypto News recently caught up with the Compute North team to talk about these events and a few other […]

Dfi Labs COO Louis Benassy talks AI Data Science with E-Crypto News

Artificial intelligence data science and other new technologies have been making a deep impact within the cryptospace. So much so that these days, quants have shifted their focus from traditional markets and technologies and have shifted their sights to cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies. E-Crypto News reached out to Louis Benassy, COO of Dfi Labs […]

What is the Future For Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, there is a future for cryptocurrencies. We are on the verge of a revolution where the world will shift to the usage of cryptocurrency tokens for just about everything. In the future, we are going to see cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies rule every industry. From finance to supply chains and even space travel, […]

Online Blockchain CEO Clem Chambers Chats with us about DeFi  

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space is growing far faster than everyone in the crypto space previously either thought or imagined. So much so that there is a new project in the space every few hours. The problem now lies in finding a commonality where everyday people can use DeFi products and services. The Umbria protocol […]

E-Crypto News talks to Ledgermatic About Enterprise Digital Asset Systems

Corporate treasuries have had various problems as far as implementing digital assets are concerned.  The single biggest problem facing corporate organizations is the transition from analog-to-digital systems as the world adopts digital assets. Luckily, a solution to these and other corporate treasury issues has emerged. Luke Sully and Isaac Fain, Co-Founders of Ledgermatic a corporate […]

Sovryn Protocol Co-Founder talks to Us about DeFi for Bitcoin

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has finally come to Bitcoin! While many people had before theorized about it, Sovryn a decentralized DeFi protocol for Bitcoin has been able to go all the way by proving that unlocking Bitcoin’s liquidity is possible in a permissionless manner. The global cryptocurrency community warmed up to the Sovryn project recently when […]

E-Crypto news Talks to Kingswap About Token Listings in 2021

Token listings are on the front burner again. This time, as more people join the cryptospace, tokens have to be listed on exchanges in ways that people can buy and exchange them without any issues or problems.  The Kingswap token ($KING) is one of those tokens. The token recently got listed on BitMart and HotBit […]

E-Crypto News talks to CoinChat About Social Media Insights and Cryptocurrencies

Many people have wondered if social media insights have been a core driver behind cryptocurrency prices. The cryptocurrency community had been before now given few opportunities in traditional media. Social media, it seemed gave the community an opportunity for interactions and even growth. Anyone can now measure social media insights through a little-known tool known […]