How I invest my own money

People ask me all the time about how I invest my personal money. I don’t think I’ve ever written about this before, in more than ten years of blogging! Very simply put, I’m a mixture of active and passive, a mixture of mutual funds, individual securities and ETFs, a mixture of public and private assets. […]

Are you in FinTech? Then listen up…

ARE YOU IN #FINTECH? — Downtown Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker) July 16, 2019 Josh here –  I want to personally invite any and all venture-backed startups in wealthtech to pitch our audience, do demos and appear on stage at Stack Stadium this September. Your potential customers are all there! Here’s Matt Middleton, the conference organizer:  […]

Everyone Deserves Good Financial Advice. Everyone.

[embedded content] Liftoff is the easiest way to begin investing, there is no minimum and transferring in existing accounts is a snap.   Once upon a time, quality financial advice was only available for millionaires and the sophisticated investors who had the expertise to find the right advisors and understand exactly what they were getting. Non-millionaires […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing

[embedded content] FAQ: What are the seven deadly sins of investing? Many of the questions we get from investors revolve around one of these seven mistakes that, if left unchecked, could doom a long-term investing portfolio or retirement plan. Lust!Gluttony!Envy!Pride!Wrath!Greed!Sloth! Michael Batnick, Ben Carlson and Downtown Josh Brown weigh in on each of these sins […]

How economic data works

Sometimes economic data trends, and trends in the same direction for a long time. And sometimes it peaks (or bottoms) and begins trending in a new direction – up or down. But turning points in long-term trends are rare, and there are still other times during which there is no trend at all. And it […]


Having conversations about the stock market this summer, with all the BBQs and days off, etc. One of the things that strikes me these days is how completely unaware civilians are about how old and…non-utilitarian their information is. Many of these talks go something like this… *** So, Facebook is in some trouble, huh? Yes, […]

Speaker’s List at Wealth/Stack is absolutely insane. And still growing.

I almost can’t believe how strong the speaker’s list at this September’s Wealth/Stack is at this point. I mean, I can believe it, because we’ve been killing ourselves behind the scenes to put the agenda together, but still – taking a step back and looking at who’s coming out, it’s pretty exciting. This event is […]

The Two Types of Authenticity

1-click play or subscribe on your favorite podcast app Subscribe to the mini podcast on iTunes or Spotify Enable our Alexa skill here – “Alexa, play the Compound show!” Talk to us about your portfolio or financial plan here Obviously nothing on this channel should be considered as personalized financial advice just for you or […]

The Broker Who Saved America

You know Hancock and Washington and Franklin and Jefferson. You might even know Greene and Knox, Henry and Hale. And we know you know Hamilton, pretty tough to escape that one these days! But it is very unlikely that you know the name Haym Solomon. This is unfortunate, because he’s the guy who arranged financing […]

Fama vs Shiller: Are markets efficient or not?

[embedded content] This was a lot of fun – we had our friend Allison Schrager up at the Compound to talk about the Nobel Prize for Economics that was shared by Professors Robert Shiller and Eugene Fama for their lifetime contributions. The two men drastically disagree about what drives asset prices, with Shiller believing that […]

FT’s Jemima Kelly thrashes Facebook’s “crypto” project

Is Libra even a cryptocurrency? Is it really using blockchain? Will it actually help “the unbanked”? The verdict is in from the gang at FT Alphaville, and it’s not good. Jemima Kelly categorically tears the whole thing to shreds… [embedded content] Josh here – Now here’s the funny part.  It might not matter. None of […]

Bitcoin is Back! CEO of the Year! What are your thoughts?

[embedded content] SUBSCRIBE and get The Compound delivered every time!  On an all-new What Are Your Thoughts – Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown take on the hottest topics of the week. This episode: * Bitcoin is up 250% this year, are we forced to treat investor questions about it more seriously now? * Which […]

How we roll

I was invited on as a guest to the new Morningstar podcast series, The Long View, hosted by the inestimable Jeff Ptak and Christine Benz, two of the most celebrated analysts and writers in finance. And they had some great questions for me to answer, mostly revolving around how the Ritholtz Mafia operates, our focus […]

My take on the Bernie Sanders plan to wipe out student loan debt

[embedded content] Will the Bernie Sanders plan to wipe out student debt crush the stock market? Subscribe here, get The Compound delivered! One of the signature achievements of the post-millennial capital markets is the driving down of investor costs to near zero, via Reg NMS which did away with the fraction spreads market makers once […]

Will it hold?

My Chart o’ the Day this weekend comes to us from Jonathan Krinsky at Baycrest Partners, who’s out with some significant insights about the week that was. He looks at the possibility that both the dollar and bond prices have hit a high and are now about to roll over. A drop in USD below […]

Yes, of course Trump could fire the Fed Chairman

Yes, of course Trump could fire the Fed Chairman. I’m not about to make a legal argument. Instead, like a five year old, I’m just going to point out what’s blatantly obvious and doesn’t require Constitutional scholars toiling late into the night, poring over old parchments by candlelight… Donald Trump controls the Senate and the […]

Being on the wrong side of this decade’s investing mega-trend

Josh Brown and Michael Batnick discuss the recent post “I did everything I was supposed to do”, which is the story of a man whose spent his whole career working for asset management firms and now finds himself on the wrong side of the active vs passive debate. There are real world consequences of the […]

FAQ: Where should a new investor begin?

[embedded content] Welcome to FAQ! We get questions from you guys all the time, about everything from asset allocation to interest rates to stocks to commodities. We thought this would be a great format to address some of these topics and give people some specific answers to things they’ve been wondering about when it comes […]

Changing the Ratio

True story… This is Muriel Siebert. Her friends called her Mickie. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and made her first visit to the New York Stock Exchange in the early 1950’s. According to her autobiography, the trading floor looked like a “sea of men in dark suits,” but when she got home, she told […]

I did everything I was supposed to do

They called me in to the conference room on Friday morning, ahead of Father’s Day weekend. “Have a seat, Dave…” I sit. The whole thing happens in fifteen minutes. I have til the end of the day to say my goodbyes. I have none that I want to say. They tell me to get my […]

What if the cost of capital never rises? Ben Carlson on The Compound

Continuing the discussion raised by Bernstein’s question, and the post I did yesterday, which has been spreading like wildfire (thanks so much for reading and sharing!)… Here’s Ben Carlson and I about the implications for portfolio construction, asset allocation, capitalism, etc. Make sure you’re subbed to the Compound Show mini podcast. We’re doing some really […]

When Everything That Counts Can’t Be Counted

An analysis of book value captures things like plants and equipment and facilities and hard-money, real assets that corporations have managed to accumulate over their lifetimes. And when the cost of money is higher, these things are more highly valued by investors because they are expensive to replicate and costly to replace. An analysis of […]

What Are Your Thoughts: Hilarious Predictions

[embedded content] On an all new episode of What Are Your Thoughts, Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown discuss: * What to make of the Beyond Meat extravaganza * Economists’ interest rate predictions were hilarious this year * The S&P 500 has been flat for 18 months, now what? * Will the Knicks still go […]

A 2% tax on America’s 75,000 wealthiest families would raise $2.75 trillion

A 2% tax on America’s 75,000 wealthiest families would raise $2.75 trillion over the next decade. This is at the heart of Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s economic plan to reduce the enormous wealth gap between the top .1% and to raise federal revenues. The families that would eligible for this wealth tax would be […]

The Big Kickoff

Eric Clarke comes home from school and helps his dad, one of America’s earliest independent financial advisors, with the generation of performance reports and the preparation of statements for his clients. It’s the 1990’s and there aren’t any products or services worth speaking of that can do this function automatically. So Eric gets this idea. […]

Trump on the Fed: They’re disruptive

A few things stand out – Trump complains that the people voting on the Fed’s board are “not my people” – I’m not sure the Fed is supposed to be subordinate to the President. I swear he literally thinks he was elected King. Also, Trump seems to think the Fed sets the interest rate on […]

Get used to it

Hey, you’re that guy from CNBC right? Yeah. Your kid on one of these teams too? He’s on the Tigers, 10U.  Nice. Nice move this week by the way. Yup. Think the Dow was up 1,000 points in four days.  Lemme ask you something about that. I watch your show…so, the market started rallying when […]

Our Secret Weapon

I’m going to let you folks in on a little secret right now… When a multi-million dollar household onboards as a new client of Ritholtz Wealth Management, part of the workflow involves bringing our firm’s CFO Bill Sweet into the conversation so that he can do a tax consultation. And it’s incredible what happens as […]

The New Way To Invest In Emerging Markets

[embedded content] Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss an update Josh here – my friend Perth Tolle has been hustling and grinding harder than almost anyone I know on The Street these past few years – first, with the launch of her proprietary Life + Liberty Indexes and now with […]

Calm and Methodical

Last year the S&P 500 ended up being five percent. This year it’s up ten percent but is now six percent from its high and basically frustrating everyone. Fifteen years ago, as a clueless retail broker, I would have spent my day on twelve different phone calls with twelve different clients talking about twenty or […]

Professor Scott Galloway visits The Compound!

Barry’s had Scott on his Masters in Business several times and I always enjoy their discussions about technology, trends, marketing, media, innovation and just navigating the world as things change so rapidly. This one doesn’t disappoint – Scott came through to talk about his brand new book, The Algebra of Happiness, which I will be […]

Why I don’t wake up to the news

Look at this idiot: This is from Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps (oh my god). Here’s the funniest joke of the movie, and it’s entirely unintentional – this kid sleeps five feet away from a rack of Bloomberg screens in his apartment, and still manages to miss the biggest financial crisis in 100 years. […]

FORD v FERRARI Trailer Hits!

You know you’re going. Thanksgiving! [embedded content] Academy Award-winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in FORD v FERRARI, based on the remarkable true story of the visionary American car designer Carroll Shelby (Damon) and the fearless British-born driver Ken Miles (Bale), who together battled corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal […]

The Land That Time Forgot

Welcome to a pocket of the investing industry where commission rates and sales tactics more closely resemble the 1970’s than the world in which most investors live in today… [embedded content] Are you shocked? Grossed out? Comment here.

Wait a while longer…it will get dumber

I picture Larry Kudlow waking up to a dozen or so texts from his friends in the business and investing community like “LARRY WTF? MEXICO TARIFFS? IS HE AN IDIOT??? WTF R U GUYS DOING?” And then poor Larry having to check Twitter to find out that his boss, the President of the United States, […]

Don’t Blow Up: Jeff Saut talks Surviving on Wall Street

[embedded content] This was a treat for me! Enjoy! And be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!  Barry Ritholtz and Downtown Josh Brown welcome storied Wall Street veteran Jeff Saut, formerly of Raymond James, to The Compound. Jeff talks about how he uses both fundamentals and technical analysis in his investment selection […]


Over the weekend, everyone was sharing this New York Times piece about what’s happened to Mount Everest. It’s become more crowded than Disneyland. Hundreds of climbers making camp and trudging toward the summit, nearly a dozen deaths this year as a result. Climbers were pushing and shoving to take selfies. The flat part of the summit, […]

Credit Spreads vs the Bull Market

Jon Krinsky, Managing Director and Chief Market Technician at Baycrest Partners, looks at a few of the technical red flags that exist for the US stock market as we head into the summer. He points out the awful action in materials stocks, energy stocks and the transportation index – all of which have been lagging […]

Ramit Sethi (I Can Teach You To Be Rich) visits The Compound!

This was an awesome afternoon – hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did having it. [embedded content] A visit from personal finance expert and New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi! Josh Brown, Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick sat with Ramit to discuss the second edition of his bestselling book “I Will […]

What Are Your Thoughts: The $47 Trillion Question

[embedded content] SUBSCRIBE TO THE COMPOUND Josh and Michael with special guest Ben Carlson (A Wealth Of Common Sense) play What Are Your Thoughts? We discuss: * Why are there over 100,000 funds in the industry? * Why Josh loves Giannis Antetokounmpo even more now * What to make of the first non-transparent ETF * […]

The Only Two Scarce Resources Left on Wall Street

There are only two commodities left worth anything in the money management business. In an all hands meeting at Ritholtz Wealth, CEO Josh Brown explains… Talk to us about your portfolio or financial plan here! Subscribe to the mini podcast on iTunes or Spotify Enable our Alexa skill here – “Alexa, play the Compound show!”

The Three Phases of an Investor’s Life

I meet investors everywhere I go. Last night, at CitiField, I talked to a bunch of them – people who know me from TV or from Twitter or whatever. And in my conversations with them (after they ask to take a selfie, lol), I notice one consistent theme over and over again – they don’t […]

Amazon Ads vs Google, Instagram, Facebook

[embedded content] Click here to subscribe to our channel so you never miss an update As Amazon’s advertising platform grows, which existing platforms are the most vulnerable? Google? Facebook? Or can all three giants coexist? Josh Brown talks with media agency founder Greg March of Noble People about what’s going on. Follow us on Twitter […]

Live from StockTwits, at the cutting edge of trading and social media

[embedded content] Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss an update Josh here, I spent some time at StockTwits headquarters to talk with Ian Rosen and Justin Paterno about the latest developments in trading and social media. Every month, more than 2 million active users visit or use its app […]

How To Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely

[embedded content] Josh Brown talks to advertising expert Greg March, founder of New York media agency Noble People, about recent trends in the world of marketing and corporate ad spending. Greg is an industry veteran who has built a reputation for telling clients the truth about their ad campaigns, even when the truth is uncomfortable […]

Why Bitcoin Just Doubled

Today on the mini pod I asked my friend, fellow advisor and crypto currency expert Tyrone Ross. We talked about what’s happening, who is buying and what the next catalyst might be. You can listen below… Make sure to subscribe to The Compound Show on iTunes or Spotify Or – enable our Alexa skill here […]