The Three Most Important Posts I’ve Ever Written

I’ve published something like 15,000 blog posts and articles over the last 12 years. These three did more for my readers (and myself) from an investing standpoint than all of the rest. When I think back on everything I’ve ever said, these are the big ideas that were probably the most useful for anyone who […]

Crowdstrike CEO George Kurtz on The Compound Show

On the new episode of Josh’s podcast, The Compound Show, he has Crowdstrike co-founder and CEO George Kurtz! Watch the clip above and then make sure you’re subscribed to the pod, full interview comes out tomorrow. The Compound Show with Downtown Josh Brown comes out every Friday morning and feature’s Josh’s epic rants along with […]

Surprise, surprise – the stimulus is actually stimulating

Compared to quantitative easing, the two COVID stimulus plans done on the fiscal side were absolute home runs in terms of having an immediate effect in the real economy. As we’ve discussed before, when the Fed does stimulus, it leads to rich people allocating some capital to VC and PE funds while the majority of […]

Earn Your Leisure TONIGHT

I’ve been a fan of the Earn Your Leisure guys for a few months now, so getting the invite to come on for Market Mondays was a thrill. We’re live tonight at 8pm ET, come thru. You can watch it as it happens on their YouTube channel here.   … The post Earn Your Leisure […]

Commodities are Breaking Out in 2021

Subscribe to The Compound here! Join Downtown Josh Brown and JC Parets of All Star Charts as they examine the biggest trends happening in financial markets headed into the new year. On this week’s episode: ►Banks, brokerages and the exchange stocks are taking the lead in the 2021 stock market ►Goldman Sachs (GS) is a […]

Old School Karate

Just started Cobra Kai season one on Netflix. How come none of you people told me about this? It’s amazing. Anyway, Johnny beats up a bunch of bullies and the kid he saved in the process is like “Whoa mister, was that jiu jitsu or MMA or something.” He’s like, “No, just old school karate.” […]

There’s no such thing as a local advisor anymore

You might think you have a territory or a region or a town but you don’t. One of the consequences of 2020 that is not yet fully realized within the financial advisory profession is the fact that now 100% of current and potential clients of wealth management firms have become comfortable doing business online and […]


We’re starting the new year with a new stimulus to support people in the middle or lower range of the income scale. People who earn only what they can produce with their labor each day. People who don’t have seven-figure retirement account balances or YOLO trades on in the cloud software stocks. It’s not only […]

Happy New Year, don’t die

It could always be worse. This is one of those things people often say to make themselves or others feel better. It’s a conversation ender. Stops you in your tracks if you’re whining about some thing or other. Only takes you a second to realize they’re right. What the hell are you complaining about, did […]

How to Avoid Bear Markets 🎧

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Talk Less, Listen More

I spent a whole bunch of time this fall and winter taking calls from young financial advisors. I try to schedule this stuff on Friday mornings when things are a little quieter for me. They DM me or email me and I just say yes. I have 15 minutes for any kid reading my stuff […]

Interview with this year’s best active manager, Cathie Wood

Not quite an overnight success, but she definitely came from out of nowhere to become this year’s biggest success story among the active management crowd. The fact that she’s doing it with ETFs rather than a hedge fund or mutual fund structure makes her story even more unique. Erik Schatzker did a lengthy, in-depth conversation […]

Beat the Compound! A Simulated Stock Trading Game Coming in January!

Just for fun, Michael Batnick, Ben Carlson and I will be playing a new simulated stock trading game with our fans this January. Sign up now to grab your spot in the game. Starburst Labs, the team behind Wealthbox CRM, a popular advisor tool, have been building what looks to be the best simulated stock […]

Custom Indexing is THE Investing Mega Trend of 2021.

By 2025, most financial advisors will use web-based software to create and manage Custom Indexes for their clients. Standard indexes have a single methodology; one ruleset dictating what they own and how they rebalance. Standard indexes are “one size fits all.” Like standard indexes, Custom Indexes also invest and rebalance according to a defined methodology. But with […]

December to Remember

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This is how sentiment works.

Michael and Ben discuss the skyrocketing sentiment that’s now driving stocks to new all time highs – almost every stock is working out and it’s starting to feel like it’s too easy to make money. But here’s the thing – is sentiment driving stocks up or is the fact that stocks are rallying driving sentiment […]

Who are you listening to?

This is a repeated theme I come back to time and again. Who are you listening to? Not who as in what is their intelligence level or what is their pedigree – who as in what are the incentives that drive their commentary? Are they investors answering to clients or just guys doing newsletters, with […]

New Home Sales up a cartoonish 48% year-over-year! LOL

This is one of the big things I had right from the start of the pandemic – that the combination of demographics, suburban flight, plunging interest rates and the idiosyncrasies of pandemic-induced lockdowns would produce a housing and remodeling boom. I had some stuff wrong but this was the big thing you had to know […]

Small Caps Break Out of Two Year Consolidation

I wrote about last week’s breadth thrust over the weekend – a development that’s gotten all of the finest technicians in the land bullish about the coming months for stocks. Breadth thrusts at new highs rarely signal the immediate top for a bull market. I like to think of them as confirmation that things are […]

The Airbnb Pitch to Wall Street

This is the last big deal of 2020 and it’s going to command a lot of attention among investors, technologists and the media. I found this pitch from the company’s S-1 filing to be an interesting way to think about the company that’s now selling itself to Wall Street, via Ben Thompson’s blog Stratechery: Travel […]

Don’t share this chart

What if – and I know for some of you this seems impossible – but what if the metric or variable you believe to be the most important one for the stock market turns out not to be? Can you live with that or will you die on that hill? Will you double down, stick […]

Launch Day

Today’s the big day! We’ve been working on the book all year, and this is the official release date. I’m a combination of nervous and excited (and relieved). It’s kind of a weird but cool moment, I’m taking it all in. Just want to say thanks to everyone who came out on the How I […]


Morderna’s publicly discussing its vaccine being 94.5% effective in trials. So we have efficacy for the first two vaccines out of the gate, now just waiting on the safety data. We’re going to break a quarter-million American deaths due to the plague at some point this week, so these vaccines couldn’t get here fast enough. […]

The only way this election ends

Stop wasting your time. Mitch McConnell is not going to be visited by three spirits representing patriotism past, present and future. There’s not going to be a cinematic moment where the Republicans suddenly have a change of heart and decide to make a principled stand for democracy or whatever. It will never happen. No slow […]

9 out of 10 Investors Expect a Stock Market Crash in the Next 6 Months

Subscribe! Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of their favorite game, What Are Your Thoughts? On this week’s episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including: *The stock market’s reaction to the vaccine could have been scripted perfectly in advance by just about anyone*Was there really […]

90% effective

New York Times: The drug maker Pfizer announced on Monday that an early analysis of its coronavirus vaccine trial suggested the vaccine was robustly effective in preventing Covid-19, a promising development as the world has waited anxiously for any positive news about a pandemic that has killed more than 1.2 million people. Pfizer, which developed the […]


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I watched the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris families take the stage last night to celebrate Biden’s election win. I was struck by how normal and sweet and nice they all seemed. I don’t agree with everything they want to do politically, but they’re not coming in as arsonists either. They respect our institutions, genuinely […]

Invest In You: How I Invest My Money

Special thanks to CNBC + Acorns Invest In You campaign for making this video. Here’s the related article. This coming Monday, 11/9 at 12ET on The Halftime Report, we’ll be talking about my upcoming book, How I Invest My Money, which is now available for preorder. Jenny Harrington, one of my Halftime castmates, is featured […]

Cracking the YouTube code

[embedded content] In the video above, Josh, Michael, Duncan and Ben thank viewers for helping us break above 50,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, The Compound. Below, Josh explains how we got here and what’s coming next.  In February of 2018, after years of people suggesting we do so, I finally put up a channel […]

President Biden’s non-acceptance acceptance speech

US stocks just had their best post-election day rally ever. But most of it was on the backs of the large cap growth stocks that brung us here. Big rallies across the healthcare sector too, because nobody likes gridlock more than a health insurer or a drug manufacturer. Biden just gave an acceptance speech which […]

Status Quo

There was no Blue Wave, it turns out. Half of the country is still not interested in political correctness, higher taxes, increased regulation and identity-driven culture wars. Trump’s character, behavior, competence and negligent approach to the greatest health crisis in a century ought to have rendered him unfit for the Presidency in the eyes of […]

The Biden Fantasy

I talk to a lot of Biden people, just like I talk to a lot of Trump people. I listen to what they have to say and I line it all up in my mind. Then I piece together the outlook accordingly. Hope you enjoy the below reverie based on these collected conversations. Here’s the […]

Why gold is about to explode higher

Subscribe to The Compound here! The November episode of Big Trends Monthly is now live – looking at the latest monthly closing candles to find the biggest trends out there, from stocks to bonds, interest rates to commodities. On this episode, Downtown Josh Brown and JC Parets of All Star Charts look at: Gold has […]

The GDP chart so extreme it renders all future GDP charts useless

Let’s go ahead and say out loud, without reservation, that the thirty-someodd percentage point quarterly GDP swing we’ve just experienced is unlikely to ever be repeated again… That’s from Tim Duy’s blog today, btw. And since we’re not going to be repeating it, it’ll make future swings of the more garden variety one-tenth-of-one-percent look so […]

The stock market doesn’t care who wins

Take the 9 million gigabytes worth of election-flavored market content you’ve consumed over the last 8 weeks and flush it all completely from your brain’s hard drive. Full delete. The stock market doesn’t actually care about who wins the election. It just wants the election to be over. So a decisive victory for either side […]

This Week on TRB

Got in line in the rain Friday morning – 5:45 am at the local public library – to get my vote in. I thought I would be the first one there. Nope! This library has had lines of voters waiting all the way down the street, 6 days a week, for a month. I’ve never […]

A history lesson for 2020’s new traders

On this episode Josh explains why we’re facing three worst case scenarios all at once, how markets are reacting and why the vaccine is the only thing that matters. Plus, many of today’s new traders seem to not understand what has happened to prior generations of new traders. A brief history of daytrading – from […]