Links 12/4/2023

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Listen To The Voice Of Nature Madras Courier Chinks In The Armor Investor Amnesia Restructuring Bankruptcy Law The Regulatory Review Column: An exhaustive debunking of the dumbest myths about Social Security Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times Climate The Doom Loop Phenomenal…

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Evidence – And an Explanation – For the Recent Surge in Inflation Inequality

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Lambert here: Prices rise because firms raise them. By Kunal Sangani, PhD student in Business Economics Harvard University. Originally published at VoxEU. Families across the UK are struggling with inflation. This column asks whether low-income households have been disproportionately affected, using…

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Links 12/3/2023

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Plant Fungus Has Been Caught in an Evolutionary Leap Science Alert. Opposable thumbs? The Eyepopping Factory Construction Boom in the US Wolf Street Vibes vs. data Noah Smith, Noahpinion Climate Greenhouse gas emissions soar – with China, US and India most…

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Links 12/2/2023

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Elusive De Winton’s Golden Mole Rediscovered in South Africa After 90 Years The Animal Rescue Site (Nippersmom). After a slow start, sandhill crane raised in captivity released into the wild to join other birds AP How are wildlife officials preparing Coloradans…

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Links 11/18/2023

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The Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend. Here’s how to see it Watch a Buck Nearly Enter a Hunter’s Home to Pick a Fight with a Deer Head on the Wall Field & Stream RIP Goldman Sachs Business Insider Citigroup…

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Links 11/15/2023

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How Citizen Scientists Rescued Crucial World War II Weather Data Smithsonian Escaped Zoo Owl May Be On A Futile Search For Love, And People Can Relate HuffPo The Home of Fly-Fishing Literature Field and Stream How mice choose to eat or…

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