Ripple CTO Hints at XRP Ledger Upgrades to Enable an NFT Strategy

Ripple CTO David Schwartz said the firm is currently working on a non-fungible token (NFT) strategy. He added that based on observations, people care little about the underlying technology, only the NFT itself and the user experience. “Ripple is currently working on an NFT strategy. I think the key element here is the user experience, […]

Radio Host Dave Ramsey Warns Bitcoin Investor of His “Vegas Problems”

Dave Ramsey told a caller, seeking advice on his Bitcoin holdings, he has “Vegas problems.” Offering his advice on what he would do, the radio host unceremoniously recommended the caller cash out tomorrow. “You’ve got Vegas problems, man. You walked up to the slot machine, put a quarter in and it dumped a bunch of […]

PancakeSwap Gunning For Uniswap as CAKE Hits $20 ATH

PancakeSwap, the DEX that bills itself as a faster and cheaper alternative to UniSwap, hit an all-time high today of $20.69. The total value locked in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) also hit an all-time high recently, at $24.4bn. The platform has been operational for half a year, compared to two and a half years […]

Erik Voorhees: Selling Unregistered Securities is a Made up Crime

Erik Voorhees, the CEO and Founder of non-custodial exchange Shapeshift, plays down the severity of selling unregistered securities. Speaking about the time when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged him for publicly offering shares without registering them, Voorhees said: “it was a total garbage non-crime and I had to deal with them for close […]

Palihapitiya Replies to Munger’s Bitcoin is a “Scum Ball Activity” Assessment

The Founder of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya said Buffett, Munger, and Gates are wrong about their negative assessment of Bitcoin. Like Buffett and Munger, the Canadian venture capitalist is also considered something of a savvy investor. However, when it comes to cryptocurrency, that’s where the similarities end. Palihapitiya Defends Bitcoin During a CNBC interview, a […]

XRP Re-Takes 4th Spot on CMC; Ripple Boss Says “Today Was a Good Day”

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse tweeted, “Today was a good day.” And he’s right; there’s a lot for XRP investors to be pleased about right now. Chief among which is how yesterday’s court hearing did not go the way the SEC had anticipated. Today was a good day. — Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) April 6, 2021 SEC […]

NFTs Will Emerge Stronger After The Bubble Bursts

Peter Wood, the CEO of up-and-coming UK exchange CoinBurp, believes NFTs are caught in a bubble that will eventually pop. However, Wood says that much like cryptocurrencies consolidated through crypto winter to emerge stronger, so will NFTs after the pop. Signs of Digital Art NFTs Cooling Following the record-breaking $69.3mn sale of Beeple’s The First […]

Kevin O’Leary Predicts Emergence of Distinct Clean vs. Dirty Bitcoin Markets

We’re all familiar with the concept of organic vs. non-organic food, but Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary sees a similar distinction being applied to Bitcoin. He predicts the divergence of Bitcoin into two classes, the clean “virgin” coin mined using renewable energy in “whitelisted” countries, and, in reference to the diamond trade, what he calls “blood […]

Revised FATF Crypto Guidelines Could Spell The End of DEXes and DeFi

Dave Jevans, the CEO of crypto analytics firm CipherTrace, warned that regulators are looking to equalize compliance rules between decentralized and centralized exchanges. The knock-on effect poses questions on the operational feasibility of the segment and the DeFi platforms and protocols. Q: Based on the new FATF draft guidance, it sounds as if a “DEX […]

XRP Leads Top Ten, Is The SEC Lawsuit Against Ripple Dead?

In an unexpected turn of events, XRP is the top-performing large-cap today. Over the last 24-hours, XRP has soared 16%, even spiking as high as $0.74 in the early hours of the European session. Analysis of the chart shows a definite uptrend suggesting that, despite the difficulties endured due to the U.S Securities and Exchange […]

Hoskinson Tweets Birds Again: Is a Cardano Announcement Coming Soon?

Charles Hoskinson teases the Cardano community with more talk of birds, this time in a tweet featuring an image of an exotic bird pictured next to John Hancock. The text accompanying it read: “For some reason, I have this strong desire to tweet these two pictures. Must be the blending of my ornithological endeavors with […]

Garlinghouse: 1 Bitcoin Transaction Requires 75 Gallons of Gasoline

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said performing a single Bitcoin transaction requires burning 75 gallons of gasoline. This shocking statistic gives a degree of the scale of Bitcoin’s possible environmental impact. Bitcoin Gets a Thumbs Down From Environmentalists It emerged recently that Bitcoin’s annual energy consumption currently matches that of a mid-sized country, with Argentina given […]

Kraken Boss Expects Crypto Firms to Replace Banks Within The Decade

Jesse Powell, the Kraken CEO, said crypto companies pose a real threat to traditional finance. While some legacy businesses are making moves into the crypto space, Powell said those who stay sidelined would be replaced. “we’ve seen the tremendous traction that Cash App has had. PayPal, fortunately for them, they’ve been on the ball. I […]

Snoop Dogg Will Auction His First NFT Collection, is The Top in?

Snoop Dogg will auction his first NFT collection, titled “A Journey with the Dogg,” via In recent times, a slew of musicians and celebrities have jumped on board the NFT bandwagon. Should this be taken as an indicator of sustained growth? Or are they looking to cash in while the going’s good? Snoop’s on […]

Fracking Companies Pivot to Mining Bitcoin as Pandemic Woes Continue to Bite

Bitcoin is often slammed over its high electricity consumption. Critics argue this is wasteful and unsustainable in the long term. However, in an unusual twist to the environmental debate, it turns out that fracking companies are utilizing waste gas to power Bitcoin mining rigs. Bitcoin Mops up Waste Gas The shale industry is in a […]

Trekkies Rejoice, Real World Shatner NFTs Now Available to Buy

Best known for playing Captain James T. Kirk in the iconic Star Trek franchise, William Shatner is selling signed and authenticated NFTs. In conjunction with Mattereum, Shatner is auctioning real-world asset non-fungible tokens (rwaNFTs) via the OpenSea marketplace. Who wants the first real world cigar on the blockchain? Or Denny Crane prop Business card? @justinsuntron? […]

Cardano Launches Anti-Scam Task Force to Combat Fraudsters

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has announced the formation of an internal action force aimed at countering scammers. This comes as a report from fraud prevention firm Bolster showed cryptocurrency scams almost doubled in 2020. “One of the things we’ve been thinking about is setting up some sort of dedicated body in the Cardano ecosystem that […]

SEC Scores Own Goal by Objecting to XRP Holders Intervening in The Lawsuit

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) attempts to stop XRP holders from joining the on-going lawsuit as third parties. In a letter to Judge Analisa Torres, the SEC’s Senior Trial Attorney Jorge Tenreiro argued that XRP holders had not clarified their actions. What’s more, Tenreiro states consolidation/coordination of claims is statute-barred without the SEC’s […]

Backlash Following Later Than Expected Rollout For Cardano Smart Contracts

At yesterday’s Cardano 360 event, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson gave an update on the long-awaited Alonzo upgrade. Due to stress testing and exchange integration, Hoskinson expects a rollout in mid-August. IOHK had previously penciled in a date of the end of March 2021 for this to happen. A five-month delay hasn’t gone down well with […]

50 Cent Associate Jay Mazini Accused of $2.5m Bitcoin Scam Against IG Followers

Federal prosecutors caught up with social media influencer Jay Mazini yesterday, charging him over a $2.5mn Bitcoin fraud. Mazini, whose legal name is Jebara Igbara, is alleged to have exploited his Instagram followers in a BTC for cash scheme. Jonathan D. Larsen, the Special Agent-in-Charge at the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, said: “This defendant allegedly […]

Buying a Tesla With Bitcoin Exposes This Flaw, Don’t Get Caught Out

In February, electric car maker Tesla announced it had purchased $1.5bn in Bitcoin. Along with the announcement was a commitment, they would also accept BTC as payment, making it the first car manufacturer to do so. The firm followed through with that pledge. As of yesterday, using Bitcoin to buy directly from Tesla became a […]

Turkish Bitcoin Buyers Say Crypto is The Only Answer to Crumbling Lira

In more stable regions, investment and speculation make the primary use case for Bitcoin. But in Turkey, the leading cryptocurrency has become something of a lifeline as the effects of economic panic begin to be felt. Bitcoin Trades for $100k on Turkish P2P Platforms The lira plummeted 14% against the dollar on Monday, triggering widespread […]

Software Engineer Warns NFTs are Built on a “House of Cards”

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent a range of unique real-world and intangible things. In recent times, digital NFT artwork has really taken off, thanks mostly to a string of high-profile sales. The main selling point of NFTs is their scarcity. An implied benefit is that they will exist forever on the blockchain. […]

New 2021 FATF Crypto Guidelines Labelled as Mass Warrantless Surveillance

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has released updated draft crypto guidelines. A review of the changes highlights recommendations to increase the mass surveillance of users. The greatest fear of regulatory overreach is that it will stifle innovation and deter privacy-conscious investors from participating. Crypto Under The Spotlight FATF is a global financial watchdog that […]

Cardano Turning Down Dapps Due to Sheer Volume of Applications

Replying to remarks over the lack of dapps running on Cardano, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson responded by saying demand is so high his firm cannot handle the applications flooding in. In many cases, as a strategy to cope with the demand, applications are being rejected. Some Thoughts on DApps — Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March […]

Saylor Says You Haven’t Missed The Bitcoin Boat

Bitcoin is up more than 200% since mid-December and is hovering around $57k. The cost now feels like an insurmountable hurdle to breach for many who were previously on the fence. To those people, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says, “you haven’t missed the boat.” Bitcoin is The Ultimate Hedge to Hold Against Inflation Speaking to […]

Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Ready to Buy Bitcoin Says Saylor

Bitcoin-bull Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy gives his expectations for the next round of institutional buyers coming into the space. What’s surprising is that Saylor believes governments, via sovereign wealth funds, are next in line to buy. Saylor Believes Bitcoin Over Gold is The Smart Play When it comes to the question of wealth preservation, parallels […]

Cardano Founder Expects The Birds to Land in March as ADA Sentiment Recovers

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson gave an update on “birds,” saying they are still in the air but, much to his frustration, will land later than expected. He then reminded us, considering the scale of what Cardano is trying to achieve, these delays won’t matter in the long run. “Birds, Birds, Birds. There are definitely a […]

Ripple Presses on Despite Losing MoneyGram Partnership, Will XRP React?

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the firm is to wind down its partnership with MoneyGram. But they remain committed to eliminating payment friction inherent in global financial systems. Ripple re-tweeted details of their most recent significant partnership with bKash and Mobile Money as a response. #RippleNet is partnering with Mobile Money and @bKash_ltd to power […]

Ethereum Miners Revolt Over EIP 1559, How Will ETH Price React?

In a show of force against the implementation of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559, on April 1, Ethereum miners plan to direct their hashing power to the Ethermine mining pool, which opposes the proposal. The coordinated action will last 51 hours, signifying their intent to harness more than 51% of the network’s hash rate. During […]

Web Developer Claims Ripple Allegedly Sued Him Over Fidget Spinners

Web developer Isaac Miller tells his story on allegedly getting sued by Ripple over a website he created selling fidget spinners. The San Francisco-based fintech firm alleges that Miller had infringed copyright and defrauded its customers. Ripple Sends Cease And Desist Notice Miller recounts what happened by saying several years ago; he noticed that the […]

Rare Homer Simpson Pepe NFT Sells For $312k

Forget DeFi; non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are where it’s at. Proof of that comes in the form of ‘Homer Pepe,’ a rare NFT that combines the beloved Homer Simpson character with meme maestro Pepe The Frog. Yesterday, the former owner of ‘Homer Pepe,’ Peter Kell, posted on his Instagram that he had sold it for 205 […]

Upside Potential in NFTs is Massive Says Gary Vaynerchuk

Entrepreneur and YouTube celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk recently tweeted about NFTs, saying they will be more disruptive to the music industry than Napster was. Adding “technology always squeezes the middle,” and that he’s excited for what lies ahead. And they thought Napster was disruptive … wait to blockchain / NFT hit the music industry Shits about […]

Saylor Sees Bitcoin Regulation as Greenlight For More Institution Inflows

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor isn’t concerned with the prospect of stricter Bitcoin regulations. Instead, he sees impending future regulation, if any, as good for the industry in that it would greenlight more institutional inflows. Saylors Says Regulation Will be Good For Bitcoin In a Bloomberg interview, Saylor was asked if he has anxiety about holding […]

BBC Says Tesla’s Bitcoin Buy Weakens Its Green Credentials

Tesla announced on Monday it had purchased $1.5bn worth of Bitcoin, which boosted the entire cryptocurrency sector. However, some criticized the move due to the added financial risk this imposed on the automaker. Today the BBC joined in with the criticism by saying this undermines Tesla’s environmental credentials. “Critics say electric-car firm Tesla’s decision to […]

3 Reasons Why 2021 is Shaping up to be The Year of Cardano

At the start of the year, Cardano’s market cap was hovering around $5.6bn. However, in five weeks, a flood of bullish sentiment has propelled this figure to $28.4bn. This was enough to leapfrog the likes of XRP and Polkadot to take the fourth spot on CoinMarketCap. Likewise, over this period, the price of ADA is […]