How can governments turn the tide of plastic pollution post-pandemic?

Legislative action against plastic waste is expected to grow over the coming decade As economies emerge from Covid-19, it is crucial governments set their sights on rapid action to curb plastic pollution worldwide, a new UNEP and WRI report implores Driven by the immediate priority to curb the spread of Covid-19 across the world last […]

MPs urge government to unlock potential of UK tidal power

Tidal energy has significant potential to supply clean energy to the UK grid, the EAC has concluded The EAC has emphasised the potential of tidal power to both provide clean energy for the grid and provide broader economic benefits, in a letter sent to Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng The government should step up support for […]

Engagement, transparency, and accountability: Consumer Goods Forum launches blueprint to tackle global deforestation crisis

Deforestation for commodity production is driving forest destruction across the tropics The CGF has published a report detailing its strategy for tackling deforestation related to the production of four key agricultural commodities: palm oil, soy, beef, and pulp and fibre-based packaging The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has this week set out a new strategy to […]

Study examines how to turn old wind turbine blades into circular economy gold

Around 325,000 wind turbine blades will need to be decommissioned globally by mid-century The UK has a golden opportunity to develop a world-leading wind turbine blade re-manufacturing industry, argues a new report from the Energy Transition Alliance The UK government should work with wind energy businesses to support the development of wind turbine blade recycling […]

Greener TV: ITV and Sky announce raft of climate initiatives

The first episode of Sky’s new Daily Climate Show will air on 7 April The British broadcasters, who are both committed to reach net zero by 2030, have announced ambitious new climate initiatives in the past week Two of the UK’s biggest media companies have launched high profile new climate initiatives in the past week, […]

NFU: British farmers stepping up net zero investments despite industry uncertainty

Amid industry uncertainty, British farmers are choosing to invest in net-zero initiatives such as tree planting and renewable energy A new ‘confidence survey’ from the NFU has found British farmers are increasing investments in soil health, tree planting, renewable energy generation, and energy efficiency A growing number of UK farmers are planning sustainability investments that […]

Uber Green: EV-only service goes live in London

Uber Green is launching in London today Uber has launched a dedicated EV service in London, dubbed Uber Green, which it aims to have live across 60 European cities before the end of the year Londoners looking to shrink their carbon footprints have a new tool at their disposal from today, as Uber Green launches […]

'Time to Transform': WBCSD report plots course towards prosperous, sustainable future

Achieving the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals will require “transformative change”, the WBCSD argues The report outlines actions that businesses can take across nine key areas, including energy, transport and mobility, and products and materials A new report seeking to set out how businesses can play a lead role in driving the transformation of […]

Crown Estate plans giant floating wind farms for the Celtic Sea

The UK government is aiming for 1GW of floating wind capacity by 2030 Floating wind projects as large as 300MW could be developed in the Celtic Seas the Crown Estate outlines plans to design leasing contracts for early commercial-scale projects Giant floating wind farms could soon be established in the Celtic Sea, after the Crown […]

Shipping industry emissions keep on climbing, new IMO data reveals

New figures show that significant improvements in carbon intensity have been made since 2012, although these have slowed in recent years Total shipping industry emissions grew by almost 10 per cent from 2012 to 2018, accounting for 2.89 per cent of total global anthropogenic emissions, according to the fourth International Maritime Organisation (IMO) greenhouse gas […]

NatWest and Microsoft pool expertise to help businesses slash emissions

NatWest is working with Microsoft to help its business customers reduce emissions NatWest will help its business customers harness Microsoft’s data and AI expertise to calculate and shrink their carbon footprints NatWest is teaming up with Microsoft to help its business customers slash their carbon emissions, the firms announced today. The British bank will draw […]

'Incredibly risky': Campaigners urge policy-makers not to be seduced by unproven CCS

BECCS advocates claim burning biomass and capturing the emissions is a carbon negative energy source BECCS proponents argue the technology can play a critical role in helping the UK reach net-zero, but a group of campaigners and academics are arguing the government should direct subsidies to more proven technologies Academics and environmental campaigners have issued […]

New report reveals two thirds of firms see sustainability as key to corporate strategy

Embracing more sustainable business practices is increasingly critical to commercial success, businesses say Autodesk commissioned study finds that over three quarters businesses believe embracing sustainability measures gives them a strategic edge Firms across Northern Europe are embracing sustainability as a fundamental part of their long-term business strategy, a new report released today by design software […]

Green bonuses: How ESG criteria are increasingly informing executive pay

Executive pay is increasingly influenced by ESG criteria, a PwC study has found Nearly half of FTSE 100 companies currently have an ESG measure in either annual bonus targets or long-term incentive plans, research from PwC has found Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are playing a growing role in determining executive pay, a new […]

Survey: Nine in 10 UK businesses stepping up efforts to operate ethically

More businesses are studying ways to operate ethically, a new survey has found Climate change and the covid-19 pandemic are the key drivers propelling this shift in attitudes, the survey found Nine in 10 UK businesses are making efforts to become more ethical in response to growing pressure to curb and eliminate social or environmental […]

New private sector coalition launched in bid to reverse biodiversity loss

Habitat destruction and other drivers of biodiversity loss has a severe economic impact, researchers have shown Named the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum, the new group will support British businesses as they try to tackle worsening biodiversity impacts and risks A new coalition of British businesses launching today has pledged to work to reverse biodiversity […]

Study: Five-fold jump in urban fossil fuel bans worldwide

Cities cover just three of the world’s landmass but account for 75 per cent of carbon emissions A billion people now live in cities with a renewable energy target or policy in place, according to the latest analysis by green think tank REN21 Cities around the world rapidly stepped up their efforts to tackle climate […]

Google update details data centre decarbonisation progress

Data centres accounted for around one per cent of global electricity use in 2019 Google says its customers can use new data on server farms’ performance to inform decisions on where to base their Google Cloud operations Tech giant Google has today released a raft of data illuminating the level of progress towards its overarching […]

'Forceful and accelerated': Top investor body predicts global climate policy response

Deep-reaching policy interventions through the decades ahead will be necessary to align major sectors of the economy with net-zero Principles for Responsible Investment analysed policy trends to formulate detailed predictions on the likely extent of government intervention in key sectors of the economy as the net zero transition progresses The policy response to climate change […]

AFC Energy and Mace join forces to swap diesel for hydrogen in UK construction

Mace is partnering with AFC Energy to replace diesel generators on its construction sites The construction industry is seeking ways to replace diesel generators as a source of temporary power on construction sites Efforts to decarbonise the UK’s construction industry advanced a notch this week, as hydrogen tech firm AFC Energy and building giant Mace […]

VW reveals plans for six new battery factories across Europe by 2030

The new plants will provide batteries for VW’s rapidly growing range of electric vehicle, including the ID.3 The race to secure vehicle battery supplies is heating up, as the world’s biggest car firms prepare to go electric Volkswagen (VW) is planning to build six battery factories across Europe over the next decade, as the world’s […]

Trio of aluminium decarbonisation pathways detailed in new industry report

The aluminium industry is estimated to generate around three per cent of the world’s total direct CO2 emissions A new report from the International Aluminium Institute outlines how the industry can decarbonise while simultaneously meeting massive increases in anticipated demand Aluminium is a key resource not just for homes and consumer goods, but also for […]

Oddbox adds recipes and food waste reduction tips in fresh rebrand

Oddbox prevents surplus fruit and veg from going to landfill by distributing it across London and the south east Oddbox is aiming to save 35,000 tonnes of fruit and veg from going to landfill by 2035 Surplus fruit and veg distributor Oddbox has announced it is conducting a thorough rebrand that will give the green […]

Anthesis targets three gigatonne cut in clients' CO2 after securing funding injection

Sustainability consultancy has worked with corporates including Tesco and Target to develop sustainability and carbon reduction strategies Anthesis has secured an undisclosed “multi-million pound” investment from Palatine Private Equity, which the sustainability specialist said would help propel a fresh wave of its work to reduce clients’ carbon emissions by a total of more than three […]