Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes

Bitcoin price is above $60,000 and bears are in disbelief. But they shouldn’t be, as bulls have long been in control of the trend. It had only been lower timeframes that had flipped bearish, while the most dominant trend had remained up. According to the Supertrend, all of the most important timeframes have since flipped bullish, […]

Bitcoin Price Prepares To Blast Off Back Into RSI “Bull Zone”

Bitcoin price is back at nearly $57,000 and is less than $10,000 away from a new setting a new all-time high and heading back into price discovery mode. It is also moments away from re-entering the RSI bull zone, which in the past has led to cryptocurrency cycle climaxes and a bear market to follow. […]

Analyzing Altcoin Season And The Impact Of A New Bitcoin All-Time High

Bitcoin price is only striking distance away from potentially setting a new all-time high, or only about a 15% move higher for the new record to be set. As the top-ranked cryptocurrency surprisingly weathers the macro turmoil as of late, altcoins have suffered dramatically and for the most part bled while BTC has been rising. […]

How 90-Year Old Market Wizardry Predicted The Bitcoin Breakout

Bitcoin price has erupted to more than $55,000, clearing any downtrend resistance and potentially signaling that the bull run is back on. The move might have taken bears by surprise, however, the blueprint for what happened was created around 90 years ago. Here is a history lesson on Richard Wyckoff, Wyckoff theory, and how the […]

Bulls Regain Control Over Bitcoin Trend Strength: What To Expect

Bitcoin bulls are back in charge, so to speak. The headline alone makes quite a statement, and there are no doubt several readers questioning how one might draw such conclusion after only a small move and lack of new highs. The conclusion has been made for us all, depending on what the Average Directional Index […]

Bitcoin Price Blasts Off With 10% Move, But Is This The Start Of More?

Bitcoin price in a flash is near $50,000 once again, after several retests of $40,000 rounded support holding strong. Extreme bearish sentiment due to Evergrande, a rising dollar, and more left the market in extreme fear, and expecting the worst. The sudden surge took Bitcoin price more than 10% intraday from wick to wick, but […]

Ascending Triangle Points Ethereum Toward Powerful Potential Climax

The cryptocurrency market is trending bearish on the short-term, keeping Bitcoin and Ethereum prices at bay after an enormous Q1 2021 rally. But there is no telling if the bull market is officially over, or if a bounce could materialize into a larger recovery. An ascending triangle pattern and long-term trend line could provide a […]

Could A Bitcoin Bull Flag Leave Bears Blindsided

Bitcoin price is at a crossroads, either ready to fall into the troughs of a bear market, or blast off and show the world the bull run has yet to officially end. But which is it? No one truly knows, but a technical pattern and the psychology behind it could reveal the potential outcome ahead […]

Why Bitcoin Bears Might Not Get To Buy New Lows

The crypto community is locked in debate over: Is Bitcoin in a bull or bear market? The debate will rage on until either a new high or new low is made. The current price action is bearish, which gives the impression that sellers are in charge. The news cycle, and sentiment doesn’t help the picture […]

Bitcoin Futures Bull Div Could Offer Crystal Ball Into Next Leg Up

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange more commonly referred to as CME, offers the de-facto futures contracts for Bitcoin since the end of the last bull market. But could the forward-looking price action also offer a potential glimpse into the future of what’s to come? If this crystal ball works, the last leg up could be about […]

Astro Crypto: Summer Bitcoin Slump Could Bring Bountiful Fall Harvest

The stars are older than all of us, and older than history itself. Yet bring up astrology with the Bitcoin crowd, and for the most part the response is skepticism or even mockery. Both the study and the cryptocurrency itself share several similarities, such as a mathematical foundation, cyclical behaviors, and unusual financial applications. If […]

Inflatable Bitcoin Rat Makes Comeback Due To Federal Reserve Ethics Issue

This content was originally featured on Bitcoinist In October 2018, a massive inflatable Bitcoin rat was erected outside of the United States Federal Reserve building by artist Nelson Saiers. Now, the former Managing Director for Deutsche Bank AG and hedge fund manager turned mathematical artist is back at it, as the Fed is up to […]

Bitcoin Price Sinks 10% As Market Braces For Macro Storm Ahead

Bitcoin price has shed 10% in a single day in an increasingly dangerous macro climate. Although the ultra-scarce cryptocurrency is claimed to be a hedge against catastrophic economic events, there is no telling how the volatile asset could react when it does finally arrive. With the stock market on shaky ground and precious metals melting […]

Build Base Or Bust? Bitcoin Touches Down On Parabolic Support

Bitcoin price is trading in the mid-$40,000 range, unable to get through $50,000 but still holding strong the higher the recovery goes. The series of higher lows continues, potentially creating another base for the cryptocurrency to blast off from. This base would mark the third out of four before the “selling point” according to how […]

Believe It Or Not, Bitcoin Maxis, Altcoin Season Might Not Have Yet Begun

Because Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency, it often has a cult-like following of investors who won’t touch an altcoin no matter the potential ROI or promise behind the technology. But the recent alt season has investors in profit from the bull run converting BTC into other coins in search of better performance. After such […]

Bitcoin Golden Cross: Everything You Need To Know About The Bullish Signal

Today, the talk across the crypto market is that Bitcoin price is forming a Golden Cross – a potentially bullish signal according to conventional knowledge. But this is the cryptocurrency market, and anything is possible given the potential for sudden, sweeping regulation, hacks, or worse. With the Golden Cross now here, we are looking back […]

Cathie Wood Reiterates $500K Bitcoin Call, Reveals Ethereum Rebalancing

Ark Invest’s chief executive officer and chief investment office Cathie Wood, is backing up her bold claim that Bitcoin will reach $500,000. In the same interview, Wood revealed her firm’s increasing confidence in Ethereum following the 2.0 update, along with potential plans to rebalance between the two top cryptocurrencies. Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood On Rebalancing […]

Return of Darth Maul: Bitcoin Price Pumps And Dumps In 5% Shakeout

Bitcoin price today has been more volatile than normal, and that’s a statement in and of itself. The normally notoriously explosive cryptocurrency rocketed more than $2,000 and nearly 5% this morning, only to then plummet and wipe out the entire rally and then some. The fall took the cryptocurrency down by more than 7% and […]

Bitcoin Price “Pitchfork Channel” Could Pin-Point The Last Dip Ever

After this week’s flash crash in Bitcoin and altcoins, sentiment is back to being bearish just like that. Bears are taking an “I told ya so” tone all over social media, pointing to early 2018’s “dead cat bounce” as evidence of the bear market to come. But according to a pitchfork channel tool drawn across […]

How Futures Traders Could See The Bitcoin Selloff Coming

Part of what is so special about Bitcoin is the fact that is it inclusive to all, and never in the past required the participation of “smart money” and institutional traders. But to become a multi-trillion dollar asset as it is destined to, bigger players had to get involved to take things to the next […]

Bitcoin Price Bloodbath: Is El Salvador A “Sell The News” Event?

Today is one of the biggest days in the history of Bitcoin, with one of the most fundamentally bullish moments unfolding: the cryptocurrency has officially become legal tender in El Salvador. But Bitcoin price isn’t responding as expected. Instead, the market has responded with an absolute bloodbath and $10,000 drop per coin. Could this mean […]

Ethereum “Accumulation” Nears Liftoff Phase: What This Could Mean For Bitcoin

The conversation across crypto is no longer only about Bitcoin. Ethereum is the most important cryptocurrency to the ecosystem since the former’s creation, and has recently stolen the show. On the ETH versus BTC trading pair, the recent market structure resembles an accumulation pattern moments before the liftoff phase. If the pattern is accurate, a […]

Five Bitcoin Price Charts That Suggest Bulls Have Little To Fear

Bitcoin price is back at $50,000 and until either support at $30,000 is broken to the downside or a new all-time high is set, the direction of the market won’t be as distinguishable. Fundamentally, the network continues to grow, and sentiment remains high surrounding the cryptocurrency space. Better yet for bulls, here are five outrageously […]