The new warfare?

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“Today, a column of tanks or a column of advancing troops can be discovered in three to five minutes and hit in another three minutes. The survivability on the move is no more than 10 minutes,” said Maj. Gen. Vadym Skibitsky,…

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Friday assorted links

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1. On the need for German supply-side reforms. 2. BAP on Argentina. 3. LLMs are a new kind of operating system (duh). 4. A chain of comments on Amazon. 5. “Sweden is considering using its military to help police in the…

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Women in same-sex couples commute longer than women in different-sex couples

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Here are the paper highlights: Women in same-sex couples commute longer to their workplace and work more hours than women in different-sex couples. Men in same-sex couples instead exhibit shorter commutes and work fewer hours than men in different-sex couples. These disparities are larger among married couples with children.…

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Thursday assorted links

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1. Presale link for the new Coleman Hughes book. 2. The Fish and Wildlife Service constraint on SpaceX. 3. “Proprietor Israel Mizrahi is quite familiar with the shocked look on your face.” 4. Branko here is speaking more truth than he…

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Brazil facts of the day

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In the mid-1980s manufacturing accounted for a third of Brazil’s gdp; now it represents just 10%. The country’s surplus in manufacturing trade, $6bn in 2005, became a deficit of $108bn by 2019. Productivity in manufacturing and services has stagnated or shrunk.…

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Tuesday assorted links

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1. The Reversal Curse (LLMs). 2. Crows use statistical logic. 3. The AI skeptics are starting to go a little quiet. 4. The crisis in UK universities (WSJ). 5. The wisdom of Larry Summers, recommended.  YouTube here. 6. US capital is…

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Monday assorted links

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1. “Decline in Independent Activity as a Cause of Decline in Children’s Mental Well-being.” 2. “We find that annual suicide attempts increased by 16%, or 5 attempts per 100k capita, after the enactment of [Polish] anti-LGBT statutes.” 3. Time preferences and…

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Trends for 12th graders

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Percentage of 12th graders who have a driver’s license, who’ve ever tried alcohol, who ever go on dates, and who worked for pay at any point during the last school year. — Steve Stewart-Williams (@SteveStuWill) September 23, 2023

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Saturday assorted links

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1. The Dean Karlan plan for fixing USAID. 2. David Salle tutors an AI in how to make art (NYT). 3. Jellyfish evidence that “thinking/learning” goes on at the cellular level (NYT). 4. If the federal government shuts down, members of…

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The importance of mentorship

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Einstein believed that mentors are especially influential in a protégé’s intellectual development, yet the link between mentorship and protégé success remains a mystery. We marshaled genealogical data on nearly 40,000 scientists who published 1,167,518 papers in biomedicine, chemistry, math, or physics…

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