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1. Does quantum entanglement enable mechanisms that guarantee PD cooperation? 2. Building the Empire State Building. 3. Enter Inspector Gadget, and Wilkie Collins. 4. FT dialogue with Brad DeLong. 5. The other AEA — Actors’ Equity Association — lifted mask mandates…

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*Love and Let Die*

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The author is John Higgs, and the subtitle is Bond, the Beatles and the British Psyche.  I loved this book, and reading it induced me to order the author’s other books, the ultimate compliment.  It is not for everyone, nor is…

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Whither Keynesianism?

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A second problem with the Keynesian recommendations is that governments did not do enough to build up surpluses in good times. Many governments therefore are running out of fiscal space, or at least markets perceive that to be the case. Even…

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Motivating Creativity

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I am interested in Danil Dmitriev’s job market paper from UCSD: How should one incentivize creativity when being creative is costly? We analyze a model of delegated bandit experimentation where the principal desires the agent to constantly switch to new arms…

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*Edible Economics*

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The author is Ha-Joon Chang, and the subtitle is A Hungry Economist Explains the World.  This is an economics of food book with a Korean emphasis, and arguing in favor of protectionism and industrial policy, in line with the author’s earlier…

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Redux, my CWT with SBF

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I won’t indent: COWEN: I have some crypto questions for you. Is there, in fact, any way to coherently regulate stablecoins? I see what the proposals say: It’s all about capital requirements, deposit insurance, treat it as a bank account, like a new…

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